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  • depdoofie depdoofie Aug 19, 2008 9:38 AM Flag

    just got off the phone with customer service

    no wonder they have neg 10 eps. this company sucks balls.

    i was referred by an employee - but because i'm a current customer, they won't give me the pricing plan or offer.

    my contract expires next week, and they didn't offer me any sort of discounted plan or anything special to stay on with them. just $150 credit to a new phone.

    i was a loyal verizon customer for 8 years...i tested the waters with sprint for 2 years (i was moving to houston and had been wrongly told that verizon had poor service in the area). I have regretted it. thankfully my contract expires next week. back to Verizon!

    i have no position on either long or short side; but hopefully you longs are smart enough to get out. this company is a POS and the stock price reflects it.

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    • Sorry you had such a bad experience. My son has a Sprint phone and just had a phone got badly damaged at his job (he had insurance for the phone). He called customer service and had a new phone within 2 days. The customer service was excellent (he was off the phone with things all settled in a matter or minutes, and, compared with experiences with customer service experiences he had with them in the past, a surprisingly good experience. I'm hoping this is a sign of improvements at Sprint.

    • I was with sprint for 9 years and they gave me the same grief. They just billed me $430.00 for a $75 cancellation fee on my contract. They are trying to raise money anyway they can.

      I live in the sticks north of Houston and Verizon's service is the best of them all there. We even use their 3G air card out therewith great results.

    • Typical American. Always wanting something for nothing. Why don't you try making a living for once.

    • I don't believe what you say because I have been told repeatedly the exact opposite story. Your details are neither solid nor true.

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      • <<I don't believe what you say because I have been told repeatedly the exact opposite story. Your details are neither solid nor true.>>

        Is that any way to talk to a doctor, MB? Found this on the Sears message board:
        <<Re: We need to raise taxes now 20-Jul-08 12:27 pm i hate to get off-topic, but as an md i know all too well the folks who come in for healthcare. depdoofie>> After all, if you can't trust a doctor, who can you trust? (Even one with a potty mouth: "this company sucks balls")

        And is that any way to treat a first time poster on this board? He may have been posting on Yahoo since 2006, but this is his first appearance on this board. I see absolutely no basis to disbelieve what he says, but then I am a very trusting soul.

    • Take the 99 all everything plan and the 150 credit.

    • Your post is BS I have dealt with Sprint twice in the past month and they have helped me change my plan, to one that is more fixed cost based and less expensive. Also they have provided me with upgrades for 2 of my 3 phones (my wife wanted to keep her current phone) upgrading from Mogul to Instinct, and immediately applied all credits so I don't have to be bothered with mail in rebates. My account with Sprint is 10 years old and was set to expire in February.

      Sprint CS has improved drastically from the bad old days and though it needs to improve more they are absolutely on the right track.

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      • don't be so quick to stone the guy...everyone's experience with CS is different, and you may have experienced some unusually high quality CS - but the 2008 rankings would indicate he is closer to right than you are:

        J.D. Power's ranking system this year gives Verizon 103 points, mini-major Alltel a 102 score, and T-Mobile close behind with 100. AT&T earned a 97 rating and perennial laggard Sprint Nextel got a 79. (The minimum score you can get is a 70.)

    • Funny,

      I have been with sprint for over 10 years. Just upgraded online to the blackberry curve. Had to call to activate and they got it done quickly. The system was lagging last evening (I am hoping because of all of the new customers). The guy asked if he could call me back and he did about 30 minutes later to let me know it should be working. It was and he helped me with a few more items.

      Later, as I was trying to convert my email addresses from my old blackberry to the new one, I called again and she was quickly able to switch the ESN numbers associated with my blackberry account over to the new phone so I could keep my old blackberry user id. It took about 5 minutes. It was great...

      I can't wait to try the sprint TV and other goodies on the new phone!!!

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