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  • samsonp65 samsonp65 Nov 17, 2008 2:05 PM Flag

    Could Sprint please go out-of-business...

    so another competitor could enter the fray that might actually know what it's doing? Maybe they could drive down airtime prices and provide some incentives for the entire industry to do a better job. This long, slow decline reminds me of an airline.

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    • I sure look like it will happen very soon .

    • Airline? GOOD analogy! See "Braniff." Similar problems: started to recover, econ. crapped out, fuel prices escalated, passenger seat miles decreased (see similar "postpaid subscriber defections")...

    • The SE plan is expensive and horrible for families with teens. Teens use the phone to text and occasionally make phone calls. Without a shared family version of the SE, the cost of the SE plan for a family is outrageous.

      I have three teens and two adult users. Unlimited text on 3 of the phones, and a shared plan. Total $ 130. We never go over minutes and everyone is happy. The SE plan for the family would run around $ 500 and for what? Nothing of use to us.

      Oh gosh, I am so not missing out on watching NFL games on my Treo.. And GPS on my 2 inch screen vs a 4.5 inch GPS unit with voice - oh I am so missing that too... Music downloads? yup, a Sprint phone is so much better then my iPOD with 1200 songs..

    • Don't you think that in this day and age of rising unemployment wishing for a company to go out of business is a really nasty thing? Sheesh!! Grow up idiot!! If you don't like the carrier, go to another one...

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      • And if you don't like the company, SHORT THE HELL OUT OF IT!

        Seriously, SprintNextel is in the toilet because this company simply doesn't get it.

        They thought the Instinct would be the iPhone killer that they needed/wanted. WRONG!

        Instead, they got yet another 2nd rate Samsung phone, while Verizon gets the BB Storm, a true iPhone killer (as if VZ even needed it).

        DH talks about offering unlimited voice, then VZ, AT&T, and T-Mobile all beat him to the punch. His ONLY trump card? Offer unlimited everything. Sadly, it has not had any material effect on ARPU...though I suppose one could argue that it's slowed the drop of ARPU a tiny bit.

        Then there's the PTT segment. Forget advertising it, since that would promote Nextel...instead allow Verizon to promote its own PTT offering and stick the screws to you. Yeah, how's that working again???

        The point is: SprintNextel sucks because management sucks. And that's why the stock price is in the toilet. So, if investors wish to poopoo SprintNextel, I say the 1st amendment allows for that very thing!

        Have at it boys & girls!


    • As Churchill once said, ''s not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end...' and I'll add...for S.

      This quarter will be the tell. No one will accept anymore excuses from DH. The 4th quarter is the best quarter of the year for wireless consumer sales. If S has another bad quarter, it's lights out!

      Beware of MetroPCS. They are a giant killer and they have S in their sights! S cannot drop their pricing schema or they would risk reducing revenue and cash flow which is already on a downward trajectory and could cause S to violate its bond covenants, resulting in a technical default and BK.

      DH: Do you really think that you are getting a good return for all of the ad money spent for NASCAR, NFL, MLBB? You pay the big money to be a sponsor and your competitors steal the show simply by paying as they go for ad segments during the very show you sponsor. The competitions' adds show product that people remember; all anyone remember about S's ads is your name. But, maybe, that's what you wanted. Unfortunately, it's not helping S. SE plan, instinct is not helping either. Your loss of pre and post paid subs indicates that something is terribly wrong. The pre-paids number is most alarming since it says that you are losing them to other carriers. The question is to which ones?

    • no.

      Sprint IS lowering your cost... how can you not see this? What if sprint had not come out with the 99.00 unlimited plan?

    • Well perhaps Sprint could get a buyer. Having been a Sprint employee in the local tel.devision, I have some insight on Sprints management especially those who were in KC before Sprint spun the local devision. If Sprint had the fastest, best, and the cheapest system cost, I know they would find a way though hard, to mis-manage the best system into a edsel. Who should care, the executives still receive their salary & bonus ( if applicable) and then, to show for their reason to esist, they dig a hole under things that seem to work and pour good money after bad and,, somehow call it good,, in their eyes. G3 was their Rocket, but Forcee bought Nextel which system did not marry up to the G3. Instead of dumping Nextel and buying Altel or some other vendor whos customers could be easily transferred onto Sprints 3g, They keep Nextel at a tremendous cost while watching customer bleed to Verizon or another provider. So to made a bold move, they spin the local telcos and somehow in their eyes call it good.

    • Are you saying Sprint going out of business would increase competition and help drive down wireless costs? I think it is the other way around, with V buying Alltel and ATT having over 60 million subs it would only leave 2 major carriers and make it very difficult for new providers to enter the industry.

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