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  • ebbers.bernie ebbers.bernie Nov 17, 2008 9:34 PM Flag

    Could Sprint please go out-of-business...

    As Churchill once said, ''s not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end...' and I'll add...for S.

    This quarter will be the tell. No one will accept anymore excuses from DH. The 4th quarter is the best quarter of the year for wireless consumer sales. If S has another bad quarter, it's lights out!

    Beware of MetroPCS. They are a giant killer and they have S in their sights! S cannot drop their pricing schema or they would risk reducing revenue and cash flow which is already on a downward trajectory and could cause S to violate its bond covenants, resulting in a technical default and BK.

    DH: Do you really think that you are getting a good return for all of the ad money spent for NASCAR, NFL, MLBB? You pay the big money to be a sponsor and your competitors steal the show simply by paying as they go for ad segments during the very show you sponsor. The competitions' adds show product that people remember; all anyone remember about S's ads is your name. But, maybe, that's what you wanted. Unfortunately, it's not helping S. SE plan, instinct is not helping either. Your loss of pre and post paid subs indicates that something is terribly wrong. The pre-paids number is most alarming since it says that you are losing them to other carriers. The question is to which ones?

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