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  • h_freedman h_freedman Jun 12, 2009 5:17 PM Flag

    will this dog make it?

    i have invested my furture in
    this stock....can they pull it

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    • read the latest ATT Iphone fiasco and you tell me? everyone expected the lastest and greatest from ATT and Apple for the Iphone and the pricing, and now Apple released a BS new version, a cheaper old model (which in theory would be cheaper becuase it's last years), and a data plan that is as expensive as it was before, (and ATT says they can't handle the data) plus they took away tethering, something eveyrone at the conference intially cheered becuase it was going to be offered, well guess what ATT Ifoney suckers, it aint.

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      • Since "elchivato" (translated, "The Rat") allegedly has me on "Ignore," he won't be able to benefit from this: if one is betting that the availability of a single handset will determine a telco's ability to continue as a "going concern," that person is ignorant. Further, what "The Rat" and others aren't able to predict accurately at this juncture is the impact the new Apple GS will have on the market when it's released next week. Historically, ANY new iPhone release has resulted in the market for other smartphones going straight down the tubes. Also - beware of anyone who claims ATT's nasty network and overpriced plans will affect iPhone sales. AT&T's had these problems for years - and their customers have griped about it continually - and it didn't affect iPhone or iPhone 3G's phenomenal successes. I'd feel VERY comfortable predicting they won't affect 3GS either!

        Hopefully you haven't really invested your future here. One GREAT thing about a DEEP recession is that there are MASSIVE NUMBERS of other more-substantial firms with much better chances of surviving at bargain prices! Overall, though, just a hint: if you've little tolerance for risk, stay out of telco. Second: remember, "if you can't afford to lose it, don't invest it" - as true now as it was when the Dow was around 10,000!

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