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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Jul 30, 2009 9:02 AM Flag

    s is going lower as is t make your $ back fast in PALM

    its running today!

    Level 2 is stacked up already.

    And grab a good chinese solar with far to low a marketcap CSUN

    they will move it towards 10 in a 3 day period the next time the hedge funds and mutual funds fight over another load cycle.

    The future of wireless verizon will own T as they put money into their networks and fiber optics while at&t foolishly stayed with copper and tried to force morons into long contracts, but with 90% of the publics credit ruined or on its way to ruined many will be saying screw at&t

    another mark on my already worthless credit with a 4 year depression with some of the best econimsts saying 6 years lol

    I am hoping for martial law and shooting in the streets myself.

    When it starts I will only shoot the old and rich, that did not tip the poor slaves very well.

    Am I kidding, probably lol

    Imagine the mexican cockroach gangs going from rich house to rich house head shot, robbery, move along to the next one, get rid of the worthless old people that can't even drive but we allow them to vote in our make believe election rigging democracy that is a cover for a corporatism fascist dictatorship.

    Bush economys last 6 years after thieves, tyrants, and traitors are gone. Especially satan worshippers, Hitler worshippers that fooled all the pukes and churches he cared anything about god, he called them wackjobs. Had the preachers hang up abortion picks in the men and womens stalls in church, too funny, the religous are so easily brainwashed and controlled. Glad those plastic FEMA coffins are ready and I hope the swine flu that was spliced by 5 different flus takes out 95% of mexicans and 95% of old people!

    Yes I really do, you are a drain on our system, crooked as it may be.

    Naked shorts and FTD's will clog the system today, take S down another 75cents in 2 weeks time.

4.37-0.11(-2.46%)Jul 6 4:00 PMEDT