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  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Nov 5, 2009 3:21 PM Flag

    Last Call


    one can argue valuations all day long.....but note there are any number of companies with lesser financials, less prospects, etc.....who yet have a better valuation.....

    ..more to the point is how s is's not reacting to good news or market appears to be being stepped down/'s not pricing in such things as the effect of 4G on costs, the effect of an improving economic scene on de-acts/re-acts....or just the fact that the sub numbers are improving.......the stock is also getting no credit for any potential good news such as various buyout possibilities or the likelihood that apple goes non-exclusive....or even the 4G buildout.....

    ...there is also no credit for what appears to be a good strategy regarding the get more subscribers...who are then a feeder for 4G...people will want to sign up for 4G....that's $10 extra a month per subscriber who wants it (over 3G) and who will not? as Hesse said 4G lowers their cost.....

    ...and all of this is on top of the fact they had a good quarter..despite what bashers here say...if you look at the numbers s would have had a positive eps if not for the depreciation....fact is they are generating free cash flow.....and debt service is nominal....debt/cash scene is much better than VZ or T......a few quarters ago with a worse earnings report....the stock jumped up!!!!

    IMHO the stock is presently being traded actively to shake out the sub $2 holders and those who bought on buyout rumor or at higher levels mid the big money is loading up more for a big run up....there is very little downside here and frankly the big institutional holders could take this up in a blink...momentum traders would jump onboard...and there's plenty to hype regarding 4G.....ask yourself, would big money holders be selling out at these levels?

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