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  • l_tarn_l l_tarn_l Nov 9, 2009 8:03 AM Flag

    WiMAX Is The NOW Network

    Story: Clearwire to get $1.5 billion in financing: WSJ (18 seconds ago)
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    But guess what, the competing LTE is vaporware for the next two years.

    Asia is not waiting for LTE.

    South Korea is going WiMAX nationwide.

    They're rolling out WiMAX phones this month and reportedly Apple WiMAX iPhone.

    You need 4G for things such as video on the smart phones to really work.

    Ask the iPhoners about their fancy AT&T paperweight.


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    • tarn,
      What do you think about the split on the 1.5b. (S is taking 2/3's) Also, looks like goog has been replaced by bright house networks in this round. My guess is that goog wants to stay network independent and was in the first round to battle against telco domination by vz or T.

      The way this is shaping up is: VZ vs. T vs. S/CLWR/all cable operators. The cable boys see VZ & T as direct competition since both VZ & T sell cable tv/internet/phone/wireless and they see CLWR as a neutral network even though it is no longer neutral given all of the cable operators significant stakes.

      Interesting ???s. Will Time Warner and Bright House also decide as Comcast has to offer the 4play and jump into the wireless game? Their money in CLWR says the answer is yes. This makes 3 big fish hungry for the same food. Another wrinkle - LVLT I know is transporting Comcast data across their international fiber backbone and I believe Bright House is too. LVLT is a state of the art No. 3 player behind VZ & T in the fiber backbone market and is like CLWR network neutral. Also, S & LVLT have held jv/merger discussions during the last couple of months.

      In my view, the big fish oppotunity is to gobble up S and LVLT. Actually, if S & LVLT merged, remember includes the CLWR 51% you have the 4 play network phone/internet/wireless/cable (cable from CLWR backdoor-Comcast/TW/Bright House). It's actually a 5 play with enterprise broadband data network as S and lvlt can merge that business w/ combined revs of $10 bil. in that market alone.
      This would still leave an internal conflict with who can do the 4 play billing S,CLWR,Comcast, TWC, etc., etc.) In order to solve this issue you must merge all above with at least one of those major cable partners.

      I think Comcast wants to be more of a content player, like TW, as evidenced by NBC move. However, they still have the need to add wireless to have a 4 play offer. And, what about TW and Bright House do they need wireless and a 4 play offer? Regarding TMO I view them as a nonfactor in the near future and S should buy them cheap-very cheap or let them wither until they get less expensive. In my view it is a combined Comcast and S that makes the most sense. The beauty there is Comcast gets wireless for the 4 play plus 4G nationwide, the S customers will see comcast/nbc content. Plus together they all ready own most of CLWR. This combination trumps VZ & T in both network speed, quality, and new content. T & VZ generate no content. Many customers will flock to this new combined company - comcast customers for the 4 play billing and new customers simply for the all new content. The content piece may explain the goog decision. Goog wants to control content and ads. The cable cartel does too and I guess the cable cartel is in and goog is out at least for clwr. So, what will goog do now? I still say goog will remain net neutral and never own a network unless there is a gun to their head.

    • Really? Who has time for streaming video on a phone? Do you work or sit on a beach all day?

      We're still 2 years away for applications regarding high bandwidth.

      How's google treating you?

    • Dont forget IDN.....The US is lagging. We need to catch up. Wi MAx and the 4G and the latest move for the IDN play, S is playing it smart. Pre paid VM and VM's hands holds the Euro...S should Pop, but...if this aint bottom, S...can kiss my holding them good by.

    • Franklin Wireless U300 appears to be another beneficiary of this show of confidence by Sprint in Clearwire's 4G capability and ongoing rollout in major markets. I plan to add to both S and FKWL.OB holdings.

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