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  • a1stocks0 a1stocks0 Nov 27, 2009 12:03 PM Flag

    This Company Is Going To Be Bought Out...


    Some where around the 1st of the year...

    They are shoring up all loose ends...

    There will be some tax sellng in Dec....

    GLTA... On finding the bottom...


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    • This is it. Sprint is getting ready for a sale. Look at subscriber trends of Nextel prior to sprint purchase, affiliate subscriber trends prior to sprint purchase, Nextel partners subscriber trends before Sprint purchase.

      In all cases you will see significant credit loosening and loading of sub prime subs right before the announcement of a merger. Hard to ignore. I reccommend buy.

    • I can tell you why I bought and it wasnt because it was under $5 in fact I hate stocks under $5 too many small timers involved who blow with wind.
      I bought 1) 4G system, i feel will be very big going forward (I also bought supplier)
      2) they have paid down a large chunk of debt 3) I believe they have some of the best plans on the market but service could be better, 4) least likely that a buy out will come about

    • I read a few months ago....that the Sopanish Telecom conglomerate TELEFONICA was studying the purchase of a major U.S. Phone company....and the name ...Sprint popped up.

      Haven't heard anything else since that piece of comment in the news. If I find it, I will post it.

      And I feel they are looking for a foothold in the U.S.


    • According the pundits on this board Sprint is always just about to be bought out by Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, ESPN, DT, Verizon, Apple, Google, BT, the Government, Amazon, Bernie Maddoff, Dollar Tree, Uncle Phil, and a hundred others.

      Face it, no one will buy Sprint as long as they keep loosing subscribers and the stock continues to waffle around $ 3.00. You don't think that is what Hesse has been trying to do since he was hired? No success so far, what has changed that makes it more likely now then 2 years ago??

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