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  • douchebag_patrol douchebag_patrol Feb 2, 2010 2:40 PM Flag

    Pay Attention

    Stop responding the greek douche bag of stocks.
    This clown created a Yahoo ID yesterday to post on this board.

    He supposedly went long but made a mistake and sold for a loss today and then went short.
    He didn't have enough info to make a smart decision when he bought, but now he is a new expert and available to debate anyone who is not short.


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    • With a name like Douchebag-patrol, your Mother must be very proud of you. I did create this name for this board to post for the first time yesterday. I had been reading the boards with my I-phone for the last 4 weeks so it was difficult to post. I am on a laptop currently since I saved enough money to buy a new one since my other was stolen.

      Why are you trying to get people to not read my posts? Are you afraid of my info? Why would you not want all the sides to the story? Do you think it will help the PPS if no one reads my posts?

      Now I know what Tarn is refering to about "The Koolaid Gang"..

      A. Koulpasis

      • 2 Replies to greek_god_of_stocks
      • Just to clarify--
        With respect to my user name, it is a reflection on those who are called out. In this case, the greek douche bag of stocks. It's kind of like neighborhood watch in some communities.

        By the way, for any new readers, the questions and comments in the reply are classic basher template responses.

        <Why are you trying to get people to not read my posts?>
        Typical change the subject and distort the issue.
        I didn't say anything about telling people not to read anyone's posts.

        Only a pro douche bag would have so many questions in reply to a critical post. That's what they do--change the subject and lie about why they have a new account.

      • listen what ever your name is, if you make sense people will listen to you, but what we have here is a guy who feels he is lucky for selling way before he should, therefore increasing his loss!!!!! Obviously if you knew what you were talking about, you would not sell early, now would you?

        So why would anybody listen to you? Your record speaks for itself. Do you think people are stupid? If you do, look at the mirror shortie and you will be surprised at what you see. Double "S"s.


    • he is nothing but another paid basher!!!!

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