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  • autolanes9 autolanes9 Jun 11, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    Rumor is

    Barron's will have a very nice article on Sprint this weekend.

    Already added few hundred shares at $4.80

    If this is true, then I would expect to be above $5 by Monday!

    Good luck longs and nice weekend.

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    • Truth be told, George Soros owns <.002% of VZ stock. Not 16% as this clown states. Has to be Juggles with the math issues.

      Increased stake by 805.6K shares, or roughly 16.7% as of end of March. Averaging down!

      Owns 5.6M shares at a cost of $169.6M. An average of $30.29 per share. So 'ol George is down close to $9.7M as of Friday's $28.56 close.

      There are dividends, but I don't feel the need to see how long he's been holding. I couldn't care less.

      Nor do any of us care what this useless basher has to say about a stock that he is neither long or short. He's not talking me out of any shares with his wasteful dribble. And I doubt he's out to protect us with his great insight. Gag.

    • S bought out by DT, maybe? I would look for a spinoff of a part of S first. Maybe the price of NXTL/s network(without the spectrum) is right? S doesn't want to be in the wireline's or for that matter the network's side of biz anyways. To me this seems where they could get somthing for the beaten down true shareholders. Spinnig off the LD networks might come first and S become a true wireless play(or buy). Just a thought.

    • "George Soros has accumalated about 16% of VZ shares"-Now2000p

      That's not a very intelligent statement from someone claiming another person doesn't understand financial information. Did you say you are 17 years old? Because you don't seem that intelligent.

    • hottie wrote:

      "As far as attacking other posters, that's all I've seen out of you. You own no Sprint shares, so are you short or another lonely basher? Paid basher perhaps? Nickle a post?"

      That's the childish stuff you like to write.

      The fact that you were unaware of the largest transaction between VZ and another public corp since the Alltel transaction says it all.

    • So you own a couple shares of VZ, do you want a cookie? I own VOD and they have VZ by the balls. And I've made good money on Sprint and more is coming. Your bashing won't change that.

      As far as attacking other posters, that's all I've seen out of you. You own no Sprint shares, so are you short or another lonely basher? Paid basher perhaps? Nickle a post?

    • No i'm not 18 - "hottie".

      You don't understand VZ.

      Based on your posts you don't seem to be knowledgable about financial analysis at all.

      Fairpoint is not Frontier Communications - my post did not mention Fairpoint -- whoever that is.

      George Soros has accumulated about 16% of VZ shares. He hasn't bought into Sprint -- at least not enough to require disclosure -- probably because he also knows what he is doing.

      Attacking other posters who uncover your uninformed declarative statemants is childish.

    • My Verizon bill switched to Fairpoint a couple years ago when VZ sold off landline phone and DSL service to Fairpoint communications in several states. So you don't know as much as you think you do. What are you, 18 years old?

    • Deutsche Telekom going to bid for S starting at 8..they want to be a player in the US..and sprint in making themselves to be a real player..even with no bids on S this stock is flying period..

    • "They have been selling landline to Fairpoint for a while"

      Well - dude -- I dont know who "Fairpoint" is but VZ is dropping down $8.6 bil of assets into Frontier Communications(FTR) on July 1 -- first the assets are going into an interim corp - "New Comunications" and then it will merge with FTR -- then VZ will spin off the 70% of the shares it will get in the newly merged FTR in a ta free distribution to VZ shareholders -- holders (like me) will get about 1 share in the new FTR for every 4 shares of VZ owned.

      Some of us know what we are talking about - dude...

    • myballsrcalleddow_n_jones myballsrcalleddow_n_jones Jun 11, 2010 3:25 PM Flag

      I'll be asking for a link on Monday. ;-)

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