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  • pistol.pete78 pistol.pete78 Nov 18, 2010 8:11 AM Flag

    Post from Clearwire board ((READ))

    Motley Fool is the "farce".

    I lost out on a large gain by selling my AVNR stock because of negative articles posted by Bloomberg and Motley Fool. (both are linked below) I believe the hedge funds/insiders are in collusion with the likes of Cramer and the "NEWS" publishers such as Motley Fool, The Street.Com, Bloomberg, etc.

    I believe a Clearwire Funding Deal will be announced soon or a merger/buyout of Sprint/Clearwire by Deutsche Telekom.

    The recent negative articles on Sprint and Clearwire are part of the game that is played by the people with inside info...the game that separates the honest players from their shares just before the positive news is released.

    Bloomberg Article on AVNR...posted a few days before they received FDA approval...which caused the stock to double.

    If I had looked at the call options, (which I did the day it rocketed up on the news of FDA approval)...I would have realized they were shorting with one hand and buying call options with the other.

    Motley Fool Article on AVNR...just before FDA approval.

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    • Look at the January call options..the game is being played!!

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      • Thread continued!!

        You're missing the point...I'm talking about people...

        (hedge funds, big players)

        ...with knowledge of an imminent positive event.

        These individuals contact their media whores and pay them to run negative order to scare the shareholders without knowledge of the imminent event...out of their shares.

        Open the Bloomberg article I linked above re: AVNR. It is my belief that the increased short interest that Bloomberg writes about was created by the same hedge fund(s) that contacted them to write the article re the increased short interest.

        (they were also buying call options at the same time)

        They then used the October 29th bear raid (open the following link and look at October 29th)to cover their short position. The short position was created for the purpose of producing the Bloomberg article. (which caused many shareholders, including myself, to sell their AVNR shares)


        They knew they would be able to cover their short interest (remember..they were also buying call options at the same time in case the bear raid did not allow them to cover all of their shorts) with the bear raid.

        (go to October 29th message board for AVNR for how many millions of shares they were able to cover)

        I got "scared out" with the Bloomberg article...several million shares were dumped during the bear raid detailed in the post above...and then "VOILA"...the market closes on the 29th and the company announces that the FDA approved their drug.

        The "bad guys" make a fortune and the honest investor that may have held the stock for a long period of time either loses money or loses the gain that they would have made had they not read the Bloomberg article or not dumped their shares in the panic that ensued when the crooks caused the p.p.s. to drop from $2.70 to $1.31.

        Sentiment : Strong Buy

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