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  • snaps4u2 snaps4u2 Jul 29, 2011 6:29 AM Flag

    Dan killing Sprint like Obama is killing the USA

    Obama is doing his best to bring the USA down. With this stupid merger Dan appears to want to kill Sprint. This merger is so stupid.

    1) Either Dan has lost his mind

    2) Sprint is in worse shape that it appears to they are very desperate.

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    • Obama want the entire nation on food stamps. Obama care is a joke. Why do some unions and companies get exempt and I go to jail if I do not pay. My heath insurance is up 25 percent.


      Unenployment is up
      Gas is up
      Milk is up
      people getting killed in war up
      Eligal mexicans up
      drug use up

    • Good God!!! Are you really 79 years old?!? You would think that someone whose been around as long as you could see how this administration is destroying our economy, our ability to unite and our foreign relations with idiotic doomed to fail policies and a warped view of how to get along with others. This modern day Robin Hood in the White House is living out some childhood fantasy. Only, instead of being a Hero, he's more like a terrorist whose infiltrated our Government.

    • i_love-jesu: Yeah, then you can watch "fair and balanced" (IMO,about as fair and balanced as a lynch mob) Bill O'Reilly. BTW, wasn't there a sexual harassment charge filed against O'Reilly not too long ago? Did it just "go away", or did he make an out of court settlement with his accuser? Inquiring minds would like to know. P.S. In view of the investigation of the "hacking" charges against a division of Rupert Murdock's media conglomerate in England, I hope this post doesn't prompt them to hack into my phone lines here in The United States, 'cause I happen to be cheating on my wife and three of my girl friends, and it would be mildly embarrassing if any of them were to find out. Oh, and I also forgot the other two "spinmeisters" on Fox News, Glenn Beck (recently given the boot, which kinda rhymes with "take a hike"), and Sean Hannity--you know, Ollie North's pal.

    • Obama has taken the title from Jimmy Cater.

      You must watch CNN and read the Rolling Stone.

    • Crawl back into your sleepy hole!

    • i hope you didn't vote for obama because if you did you were wrong...

      this is a total mess......

    • i_love_jesu: Hmmmmm!!! Wasn't Rush Limbaugh in some kind of trouble not too long ago because someone in his employ was scoring some drugs for him??? Oh, and BTW, didn't Bill O'Reilly have a legal problem not too long ago because some woman charged him with sexual harassment. Wanna' keep going? Nah, I didn't think so!!! Funny how some who live in glass houses insist on throwing stones.

    • snaps4u2: "Obama is doing his best to bring the USA down". Isn't it more a case of The Tea Party expecting Americans to get in line for a cup of their "Kool Aid"?

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