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  • truthbtoldhonest truthbtoldhonest Sep 5, 2011 10:55 AM Flag

    White House trying to cover up LightSquared Fiasco

    because GPS test results and the huge negative impact LightSquared has on GPS is very, very bad. White House seems to think putting airline passengers life at risk is no "big" or not as important as covering up Phil Falcone's disaster of a company.

    The NTIA is arguing that the agency statements are “predecisional,” which means that NTIA has not decided what it’s position is on the subject and what representation it will make to the FCC on the issue. According to one source, senior officials in some agencies, apparently acting at the direction of the White House, limited staff members to reporting the anticipated effects of LightSquared interference to narrow categories.

    Many agency officials had assumed that the reports would be passed along to the FCC, perhaps with an NTIA cover letter, where they would become part of the public record. One of the first agency statements — from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) — that was leaked to news media, indicated that LightSquared interference to GPS could cost hundreds of lives and billions of dollars.

    Apparently, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas), who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology that will hold a hearing on LightSquared impacts to GPS next week, was among those requesting the agency reports, but was rebuffed by the NTIA. Reportedly, some agencies did send copies to Hall directly. Prepared testimony by federal officials for the hearings is being closely vetted in advance by the White House. If questioned by committee members, however, witnesses at the hearing may be able to communicate the key points of their agencies' LightSquared/GPS interference assessments.

    In addition to the science committee’s hearing on September 8, the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces will hold a hearing, postponed from August 3, on sustaining GPS for national security. Witnesses include Russo, Gen. William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command; Jules McNeff, vice-president at Overlook Systems Technology, and Scott Pace, director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University.

    Despite the high-level witnesses and high-profile forum, however, the practical benefit of the hearings could have a limited effect because the committees holding them do not have a direct channel for influencing the independent FCC.

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    • I was thinking I like that idea of hold for triple.If I was able to or if it happened it would be almost cash for the condo.

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      • LightSquared is flawed technology that will never work with GPS. Why the FCC needs study after study to realize that is beyond compreshension. Hopefully this month the FCC or Congress acts to shut down LightSquared or delay in for another year. Life is hard enough and we certainly don't need it complicated more by bringing down every GPS system in the world because the FCC chairman ego is bigger then his brain.

    • Hi.I'm a bit new to the scene,and if you have time,who is Falcone?Does he have anything to do with S anything negative ? Thanks

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      • Phil Falcone is a hedge fund owner that is under SEC investigation for illegal trading of Harbinger Capital hedge funds. He also owns LightSquared and is buddies with Obama and FCC chairman, hence the reason to fast track Lightsquared and make more money for White House staff members who invested in Lightsquared a year ago.

        Congress smells a cover-up and also sees a flood of negative reports coming in on how Lightsquared damages GPS. Every government agency and private company that uses GPS has told the FCC to shut down LightSquared. But the FCC chairman not being an engineer, not listening to his staff and having mutual friends close to Falcone, seems to be going deaf. Julius Genachowski reputation is at stake and he seems to think taking down a 747 with hundreds of passengers due to GPS interference is a minor thing, compared to fast tracking LightSquared.

        Its typical under the table stuff in Washington. You pay me, you bribe me, you promise me and I will look the other way when I rubber stamp your company, which threatens the lives of our fighting men and women overseas to farmers in the midwest. LightSquared is a nightmare of a company if one uses GPS for busienss or pleasure. Its also a nightmare for all federal agencies that use GPS.

        But it will be taken down and hopefully long forgotten.

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