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    Stephen Bye, the chief technical officer for Sprint, appeared in San Francisco on Monday at the GigaOM conference. Immediately, he was asked if Sprint would offer the iPhone - although not which version. Rumors have swirled that Sprint will get the iPhone 4, not the iPhone 5. Not surprisingly, Bye punted.

    "I'm not in a position to comment," Bye said. "Even without the iPhone, for the last two or three years Sprint has done tremendously well."

    TREMENDOUSLY WELL <------WHAT???? hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha,2817,2393616,00.asp#fbid=yQB-yWpM3-v


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    • Sprint is not the leader of phones, rather than a carrier and network. I think your point is valid with that iPhone could be a short term issue to Sprint in conversion since Sprint may provide unlimited data usage. Profits of iPhone and another smartphone could tell another story to investors. Besides, iPhone will be independent from a specific carrier. At least Apple agrees with that on expanding beyond carrier limitation.

    • everyone knows that apples carriers aren't allowed to announce anything until apple hasn'e even announced the iphone launch date..when it does it will announce its carriers so i expect will hear next week but clearly if att wants any hope of gettinfg tmobile they have requested that sprint get the's only logical

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