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  • lfsp2008 lfsp2008 Oct 10, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    Sprint will bounce back..

    Their equipment is worth more than the stock price.WOW, $2 a share for the 3rd largest wirleless provider. IF AMR and EK can bounce back so can S.

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    • macquarie sec lowered the target to 3.40/sh from 3.73, at hold, from buy....but at 3.40, still much higher than what it is trading now.

      seems oversold.

    • Exactly. Here is an example of the writer from the wall street journal putting some spin that is an OVERSTRETCH!

      "Sprint has little choice but to make these changes. It’s in the awkward position of running two separate networks while relying on a partner, Clearwire Corp., for 4G service on a third. As luck would have it, Clearwire picked the Betamax of 4G technologies, so Sprint now needs a fourth network to get to the industry standard flavor of 4G called LTE. And it needs it fast. Verizon Wireless already has an LTE network covering much of the country, and AT&T is expanding its version every day. Hence the decision to accelerate the rollout."

      VERIZON DOES NOT HAVE LTE COVERING MUCH OF THE COUNTRY! Are you kidding? You tell me the "little yellow\green dots" on Verizon's websight is coving most of America? Balony. The expected coverage for 2011 has not hit many of the expected markets and it's already October. I guess if you think New York City--Los Angeles--Atlanta--Dallas is most of America just shows how out of touch Wall street is.

      Wall Street is angry because they don't know what to do! They can't manipulate the stock if they are not sure where it is heading. If you think about it. Sprint is leading Wall Street by the nose. However if you just trust Sprint's business decisions then you have to realize the Unlimited Data plan on the Iphone is going to dramatically increase customer retention and gain customer base. With ever little Iphone Sprint sells there are the extras. Did anyone ever mentioned how the little extras like features and Accessories add lots of money to a cell phone company's bottom line. The markup in accessories alone is huge. Is Sprint worth $10 dollars a share at this point? No. But it sure doesn't need to trade under $3 dollars either. This is just as extreme. Sprint to be trading back in the 3.50 to 5 dollar range.

    • I agree with you ....again guys all games played by marketmakers not us in street ..... If netflix can bounce back $10 for no product and only based on 25 million registered users then there is no reason for sprint to stay here in 2 to 3 range being they still have 3rd largest pool of end users as carrier and they have product to sell and they are shutting down on wrong products ....THIS STOCK will be back to 4 to 5 in next 12 months or will get bought out .... ALL THESE analyst never show real reason for showing upgrade or downgrade ...They all follow each other ...never do their own homework and they make money based on manipulations and that is reason u have folks in street to show and stop all this game playing and FOR SEC to wake up and punish all these analyst who are playing this market thru faster program and computers ..........THIS HAS TO STOP

    • have you checked the mc on ek lately...when sprint's is 400 mil i'll buy

    • one word ....

      hesssssse on :

      " COCAINE "


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