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  • hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum Oct 10, 2011 6:10 PM Flag

    YOU MORONS KNOW THAT SPRINT PAID $2B Last year in roamimg fees, RIGHT!?

    You know that the iphone data usage will likely triple that along twith the data increasing across the board, RIGHT?!

    You guys keep pounding the $600M plan without addressing the Verizon roaming issue...Not to mention the $2B in rent CLWR gets annually from Sprint with that number rising with added customers...

    I just don't understand how all the members of this board don't get some of these importANT details..You all see the price swirl as the collective market corrects the price with all the details..

    it just amazes me the stupidity of the CLWR investor...I guess that's why the rich get richer and the poor(CLWR investor) get poorer...


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    • Ignorance is what has made S lower and a great buy. The more of the network you own the better off you are. Sprint did enough of the number crunching to realize that over the long term they will be far better off and much more competitive. Their future plans to build out their own network will equate to a T to VZ stock price in the next few years.
      What wall street does not get about cellular is that the market has reached saturation. It is now about who can deliver the most for the money with a fast network. Many AT@T customers hate their network because of dropped calls and clogged network. The iphone users have stayed because the only other choice was VZ. Now they have a choice with Sprint and will leave for them. Plus the Unlimited Data plan with the Iphone is a game changer.

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