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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 14, 2011 5:54 PM Flag

    How can Sprint I-phone remain "unlimited"

    Everything Sprint has earmarked for I-phone is existing 3G spectrum. All they have for LTE down the road is a 5X5 chunk (far less than Verizon so on that channel, it'll run much slower than Verizon) until they can free up Nextel spectrum. Lightsquared spectrum will become available only over GPS's dead body so nix that...

    ... and sprint told Clearwire and their massive spectrum and their modern infrastructure to take a hike.

    If I-phone actually generates new subs (most will likely be upgrades to existing sprint subs), each consuming 2 to 6 gigs of data, then sprint's "unlimited" plan goes out the window by Christmas and Verizon takes over from there.

    The only way to keep doing "unlimited" is VIA sprint's use of Clearwire's massive spectrum...

    ... and Hesse's childish hissy-fit with Craig McCaw has eliminated that option.

    I hold out little hope for this company until Sprint's board shows their brain-damaged CEO the door.


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    • i am glab someone else has the same idea i do, beside a few places that have wimax sprint will not have 4 g in the top 50 cities for at least 2 years, the whole board of directors should be thrown out and sued

    • The way I understand things are that S will continue to use CLWR until it finishes out its own broadband coverage estimated to be sometime next year. When next year comes around only the number of subscribers S has at that time will decide if their plans will happen. I personally don't think they will happen and think CLWR will have a more advanced mobile broadband system this time next year compared to S. I sold yesterday at 2.76 because the coming tumble was obvious, wish I could have held off and sold today at near $3 but other job makes it impossible to watch stock all day. Next year if not sooner S will scrap its quickster plans just like netflix had a change of heart. Speaking of heart, the new Bacardi oakheart spiced rum is mighty good.

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      • ... which will run on 20x20 channels that only Clearwire can handle at more than 10 times the speed that "vanilla" FD-LTE will run at when Sprint finishes launching it 2 years from now.

        Sprint's goingSprint spent billions to help build a state-of-the-art, wireless infrastructure at Clearwire.

        Now sprint is spurning Clearwire and spending billions more to redundantly replicate the Clearwire network...

        ... all because he refuses to work with Clearwire brass that has bent over backward to streamline the company financially and adhere to Hesse's wishes to curtail it's retail efforts.

        That Hesse would risk bankrupting Sprint with many $billions more in debt simply to diss Clearwire because he lacks the diplomatic ability to work with the executives there and spend a mere $600 million to launch LTE-Advanced to 135 million POPs on a network-vision quality network is LUNACY...

        ... Hesse is incapable of running Sprint in a fiduciary way... it's the responsibility of the Board of Directors to show him the door ASAP.

        Se to spend close to $10 billion for network vision and arguably half of that could be saved by simply upgrading the CLWR system for LTE-Advanced... by next summer if they started now.

        That Hesse would choose to spend 15 to 17 times as much for a version of LTE that would run at 1/10 the speed of CLWR's LTE-Advanced for 135 million POPS is absolutely INSANE...

        ... I'm amazed the board of directors has let that lunatic go on for THIS long.


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