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  • dolphinswin02 dolphinswin02 Oct 15, 2011 12:11 AM Flag

    Hey Moody's!

    Suck it!
    just got in for a few shares.

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    • B1 - FOUR (!) levels below, "junk!"

      Clearwire got nailed too. Interesting! Liked this:
      ""Sprint has missed an opportunity to save billions of dollars of capex by failing to reach a win-win arrangement with Clearwire," said Moody's Senior Vice President Dennis Saputo."
      True...true... billions of hard-to-come-by Sprint bucks already down the drain, but, hey! Who's COUNTING?

      Comment below (from WSJ's story) completely immaterial. The iPhone 4s doesn't support LTE on T or Verizon either:
      "The firm also noted it anticipates a sharp decline in Sprint/Clearwire 4G WiMax customers since Clearwire's 4G network doesn't support the iPhone."

    • Sprint needs to take some responsibility and get their Clearwire co-dependency act together and the same goes for Clearwire growing up and getting their financial dependency act together.

      This is THE TIME to be cooperating and making the right financial and infrastructure choices. Not blowing cash and pounding chests at either company.

      If not, Clearwire will become the old "Asia Crossing" (AX) and Sprint will blow it all and wind up much like "old Global Crossing Holdings Ltd"(GX), only worse.

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