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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 24, 2011 3:56 PM Flag

    Clearwire: 1.9m new subs; VZ: 1.3m

    ... why is this true?

    Clearwire's 4G is much slower than Verizons.

    Clearwire's 4G serves significantly fewer POPs than

    A lot of Verizon's 1.3 million net new are 3g, not 4g and hardly comparable to Clearwire's subscriber haul.

    What's the differentiator... what is the ONE THING that Clearwire/Sprint offer with WiMax that Verizon doesn't offer.


    So, what does Dan Hesse, with all his brilliance, choose to do?...


    First Nextel, then WiMax, then he spurns TD-LTE in favor of a "me-too", vanilla TD-LTE...


    WHY is he still CEO... what is WRONG with the sprint board that they keep that lunatic?


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    • If most of the Sprint subs upgraded to 4g phones and even paid more for a 4g phone, and then they find out that Sprint has stopped deploying the advertised 4g network and plans to dump it in about a year, the exodus from Sprint will be great. The lawsuits may fly also. They advertised 4g, the phones say 4g, they charged more for 4g phones, and had no intention of delivering any more 4g, they had better plan on a massive class action.

    • hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum Oct 24, 2011 4:42 PM Flag

      Bjspok is a moron CLWR pumper who has been preaching the same line of shyit over and over again...

      Here's the answer to the sub comparison...

      They got all those from Sprint..Customers upgraded to EVO and Epic...Sprint didn't gain any newe customers...

      If you have your best 2 phones with 4G that's gonna happen...

      Get over it Spok, CLWR is toast...


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      • Sprint is full of "vision"....enjoy your loan shark equity borrowing at 13% early next year. Also, how about your flight or should I say crash from 18 billion of shareholder value dropping to less than 8 billion in less than 3 months? That's right you done lost 10 billion of market value in less than three months as sprint has shared it's vision with the street.

        What is sprint doing to fix it? Well they gonna borrow another 10 billions plus at 13% junk bond rates that's gonna be the first step.

        So a company that is losing nearly $400k each and every day is gonna borrow 10 billions more at 13 percent.

        In other words the losses here are gonna go up, way up, way way up..........

        Nothing new being announced as for the past 4 years sprint has not made what I pay in tolls each day which is about 2 bucks......4 years of losses but these past 3 months have taken things to a whole new level with 10 billions of market cap lost........share price from 6 to 2 and change.......

      • ... and clearwire has gained substantially more than sprint. Since the vast majority of Clearwire subs are sprint wholesale subs, it's accurate to say that the difference between sprint's net new and clearwire's net new roughly accounts for the number of existing sprint subs that upgraded to WiMax.

        The big question is, if Clearwire's network didn't exist, where would all of sprint's existing subs that were yearning for a 4G solution have ended up?...

        ... somewhere other than sprint, that's where.

        Clearwire hasn't just been a modest growth engine for sprint... I think they've been even more of a subscriber retention tool than a growth engine... and tne numbers support that notion.

        Sorry to see that you're resorting to name calling that would be more appropriately applied to Dan Hesse. You're not a moron, and neither am I...

        ... but Dan Hesse is a certified Lunatic.


    • "TD-LTE in favor of a "me-too", vanilla TD-LTE..."

      FAIL on your part.

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