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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 25, 2011 6:26 PM Flag

    who' paying for LTE=advanced?

    ... once they spend time and money to upgrade their towers to "clearwire-grade" infrastructure, then they're going to launch TD-LTE (aka, "vanilla" LTE)...

    ... which will probably run even slower than Verizon's LTE since, apart from Clearwire, Sprint has insufficient spectrum to run it on.

    I estimate that sprint's TD-LTE will run at about 1/12 the speed that Clearwire's LTE-Advanced will run at... if Clearwire can get the $600 million they need for the radio heads....

    ... sprint will spend almost 3 times that $600 million to replicate clearwire's efforts... yes, Virginia, Dan Hesse can't add and subtract very well either.


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    • Spok,
      You know not how Sprint will pay or deliver their services,only what you read which is worthless. I am sorry to see you have morphed into a board basher. What happened to that contrarian spirit you so boldly expound? You know the risks and yet you seem to be unerved by the fact that your investment is now almost worthless. That's the way it is and nobody is to blame other than you. As far as CLWR goes nobody and I mean nobody clearly knows the end game, but if LS2 starts forking over 9 billion to Sprint, I would say that Hesse's gamble certainly paid off. In the meantime S and ClWR will be surrounded in controversy until some of these moving parts are decided.Best of luck and quit trying to pass the buck!!!

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      • ... play given it's net-book and net-liquidating value. Clearwire's assets are also far more valuable than sprint's.

        Sprint is a poor contrarian play given that it has little to fall back on as it's operations flounder.

        I sold the sprint stock that I had immediately following the analyst's meeting on October 7th... how anyone could hold sprint stock after a circus like that is beyond me... the company truly is entering a financial vortex.

        Dan Hesse is doing serious damage to both companies. James Nance as essentially admitted as much but has yet to take steps to dismiss Dan Hesse.

        You can call it bashing or whatever you want to call it, Pete, but Dan Hesse is a complete embarassment and a significant danger to Sprint and their subsidiary...

        ... Me, and thousands of other investor/analysts just like me, want him GONE.


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