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  • justkeepushin justkeepushin Oct 26, 2011 4:55 PM Flag

    Hesse is a fool and LightSquared is garbage

    What CEO in his right mind would say he expects a company like LightSquared, to carry the load for Sprint's vision network over the next year or so. What CEO would say LightSquared comes before Clearwire, since LightSquared is broken, company managment lie through their teeth and the owner of LightSquared is under investigation for SEC trading voloations. What CEO would say to company investors that LS with no revenue, no network, no customers is some how going to pay Sprint millions over the next 12 to 18 months.

    Mr. Hesse you are a complete fool and if you don't believe me read this (you fool).

    However, NMEA and its members expressed concern with the proposed solutions. According to a press release from the NMEA, several people who attended the presentation felt the solutions are only temporary and the problem would re-emerge in the future.

    “LightSquared has offered two solutions — one being filters and the other adding a 23 megahertz isolation band to the frequency spectrum utilized. The filter is unlikely to be a good fix since it must be installed at the receiver, which may affect performance and on most installations will be impossible to implement,” said Jules Rutstein, owner of Bethel Marine Electronics.

    He added, “The other solution is the 23 megahertz protection band. This will help somewhat, but field testing will have to be done to validate effectiveness. They also mentioned power changes but did not answer the question as to how much and where. I personally feel that this project is being fast-tracked through the system and needs time for its impact to be evaluated.”

    Yes, Mr. Hesse bet your company's future on LightSquared and it killer GPS network. Only in America could a company pay a CEO millions of dollars a year (Hesse doesn't want Sprint stock) to make bone head decision day after day. Oh, and what a wonderful idea to offer Clearwire a non-binding agreement. That's like saying we have a contract but no one has signed the contract yet.

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