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  • hamm.matthew Oct 26, 2011 5:16 PM Flag

    Either one of two things will happen

    Sprint PCS is in a tough situation, they can compete with their hardware but they can’t match network speeds within the industry.
    This creates a dire situation for a network upgrade, which is necessary especially with increased subscribers due to the iPhone .The question then remains of how Sprint will pay for the upgrade considering their debt situation. I figure one of two things will happen.
    The first would be settlement within the ATT and T-mobile deal. It makes sense, the United States government will not allow for only two big telecoms within the industry. It would be too easy for price fixing. If the merger happens, Sprint would be a party of influence. They most likely would get a settlement. How much? That is impossible to determine, I can imagine it would be quite significant and would help with their finances.
    The second option, I feel would be an increased partnership with Google. It fits within their business level strategy. They did it with Clear wire initially and have continued with other companies. Google would be the perfect candidate. Google initially tried to buy Verizon's spectrum a few years back, aiming to develop a network. The company owns Motorola which could help Google develop hardware platforms which support increased speeds. Google’s main initiative all along has been to get in the telecom industry. That is the reason they developed Android, Created Google voice, decided to bid on Spectrum, bought Motorola, and now have a strategic partnership with Sprint.
    If you think Sprint is going anywhere guess again.

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    • So it's going to cost Billions to make the change from Wimax to LTE and/or upgrade the network?

      That's not what they said in 2009:

      "Clearwire says it's not married to WiMAX for 4G, would be easy to switch."

      By Chris Ziegler posted Sep 16th 2009 6:33PM

      "CEO Bill Morrow claims that the company has unprecedented flexibility built into its infrastructure, and he's willing to switch gears if LTE or something else ends up burying WiMAX down the road.

      Boasting that "we're the only carrier that can do this," Morrow says that a move to LTE would be a simple software upgrade for much of its equipment, meaning Clearwire could almost literally change technologies overnight and with minimum expense..."

      Again...they've tanked the share price in order for the buyer to do the deal. (given Regleg, et al's debt argument)

      Look at the number of contracts for the January, 2012 $5.00 call option...

    • "...They haven’t told us what they need, but they will run out of cash down the road and they will need to refinance. I just don’t know what they will ask for. … I can’t imagine we won’t get it worked out.

      It’s just a matter of Bill morrow and Dan Hesse and the boards getting together. We have three members on the board and they are always talking. … I suspect I will get the call this fall sometime.”

      And if that call does come, Brust said Sprint Nextel was more than ready to increase its stake, or even take control of Clearwire.

      “The best thing over time is to have more control over Clearwire, but that is hard to do,” Brust noted. “The way the governances are written makes that hard. We will probably increase equity over the next several years; maybe take control once that gets higher. But, the best thing to do is to just keep it going.”

    • What about apple coming up with the cash. 5 to 7 billion is a lot less that their return on the iPhone sales to Sprint. Could be a good strategic investment to counter Google.

    • ... havn't you been listening for the last year and a half.

      I wouldn't blame you if you didn't catch the Ericsson tests in Sweden running LTE-Advanced on 40 mhz channels at over 110 megabit speeds on a live, test network...

      ... but the Clearwire tests in 2010 running at 92 megabits on a TD network using LTE-Advanced should have caught your eye.

      If Dangerous Dan Hesse had dealt with Clearwire in good faith last winter and ponied up 1/17 (that's one-seventeenth, Hamm) of what they're committing to Network Vision and LTE now...

      ... they could be running LTE-Advanced for almost 80 million of Clearwire's total 132 million POPS...

      ... RIGHT NOW!

      Dan Hesse has been wasting valuable time ALL YEAR. He needs to get of the danm golf course, THAT's what needs to happen.


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      • that the network must be upgraded.

        Hamm is theorizing that this will be accomplished (financed) by either a Google buyout...or a settlement of the AT&T vs. Dept of Justice anti-trust litigation.

        Hamm said...

        Sprint PCS is in a tough situation, they can compete with their hardware BUT THEY CAN'T MATCH NETWORK SPEEDS WITHIN THE INDUSTRY.

        to which bjspokanimal replies..."the hell they can't match network telling us how fast LTE Advanced would be on the Clearwire spectrum and questions why Sprint did not choose that alternative last winter.

        Hamm is not arguing with bjspokanimal's contention that Sprint's Network Vision Plan should be to upgrade Clearwire's network to LTE Advanced or bjspokanimal's message of how untouchable (fastest speed) Sprint would be if they ran LTE Advanced on Clearwire's bountiful spectrum.

        continued below...

    • your two things that "could" happen is utterly useless.

      the only two things u need to know.

      1-Hesse and sprint ceo's has put NOTHING down to buy s shares.

      2-stanton has just doubled down totally 10 million dollars.

      only two things u need to know.

    • I think a Google arrangement that included Clearwire and Sprint would be an awesome force in the cellular market.

    • Very cogent post. Excellent back-up (Google's telecom history) for the "Google Buys Sprint" theory.

      I also liked the lawsuit (most lawsuits do settle) analysis.


      January, 2012 Call Options...$5.00 strike price

      (open interest of 200,823 contracts as of close of market yesterday...and 4,423 contracts traded today)

    • I heard your similar story from Mad Money program Dan Hesse interviewing with Crammer some months ago.

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