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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 10, 2011 2:49 PM Flag

    Sprint & Verizon: Hesse's Opposite Strategy

    ... is Dan Hesse's in-ability to work with Clearwire executives for the common good of BOTH companies.

    Pull out Clearwire's WiMax, net-new subs for 2010 and sprint's subscriber tally for 2010 is awful.

    Similarly, pull out sprint's activity in ADDING those subs onto clearwire's network, and Clearwire is toast.

    Thing is, Sprint and several other Clearwire partners ALREADY spent $billions building Clearwire's network with all-digital, all-IP, nicely-backhauled, 2010 infrastructure that's ALREADY "network-vision" quality... that's why it only needs a measly $600 million to overlay LTE-Advanced onto that 133 million POPs system. For sprint to have waited this long is criminal.

    Your article makes good points... 5-stars for you, my friend. It's true that Clearwire's spectrum is less than ideal... primarily due to propagation characteristics (wall/object penetrating ability) at 2.5 ghz...

    ... but here's the thing: Much of what sprint already PAID to build CLWR's network was used to build a DENSE network (short cell diameters) to compensate for the propagation issues... and now that it's built that way, it has far more capacity than other networks... a nice little side-effect to say the least. But granted, CLWR is a "wholesaler" of what it does best and isn't a wall-to-wall solution for anybody... just one heck of a 100-megabit solution for data.

    Your author's 2nd point... that potential partners are waiting for any concession entrails from the AT&T/T-Mob deal is valid... but so is the need for potential Clearwire partners' need to see a solid baseline of support for CLWR from Sprint. By playing games with their support of CLWR, Sprint has not only hurt it's own sales of WiMax service, but far more importantly, sprint has badly damaged Clearwire's ability to secure other wholesale partners that want assurances of Clearwire's break-even, baseline of business from Sprint. Those games were a VERY STUPID thing for Hesse to do... it's like he doesn't fully comprehend that sprint OWNS 54% of Clearwire.

    Thirdly, yes, your author is correct. Sprint executives (read "Dan Hesse") have been "sneering at Clearwire like it was a 4-letter word"... and yes, all that has accomplished is tremendous damage to both companies. Dan Hesse should be REPLACED for the lunacy he's displayed on that front. There certainly are better executives to choose from out there than an ex, silver-spoon-fed AT&T re-tread like him.

    Re: your author's reference to Lightsquared, of COURSE L2 offered a sweet deal to sprint. They were under seige from GPS, they hadn't even broken ground yet, Falcone bought OFF FCC/administration officials (if it had been foreign officials, he'd be in prison for it) and Harbinger investors are clamboring for redemptions in the $billions... Falcone needed a win... ANY win to stem the carnage...

    ... and there was Dangerous Dan Hesse... there to provide it.

    Finally, your author's point about "Clearwire's recent agreement with sprint for a coordinated buildout of LTE being a step in the right direction"...

    ... well DUUHHHH... it's just a shame that it took 9 months of Dan Hesse bickering to GET to this point... and Verizon has added 180 million LTE POPs while he was DOING all that bickering.


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