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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 11, 2011 2:30 PM Flag

    Sprint & Verizon: Hesse's Opposite Strategy

    ... unless the acquirer was very big.

    I don't think the urgency on the part of cable companies or others is enough yet to make sprint a near-term target. Sprint's low cash, high debt and ancient infrastructure is also un-appealing...

    ... but they do have plenty of spectrum and that was a significant reason AT&T want's T-Mobile. Sprint's spectrum may be scattered in it's usage but once IDEN's out of service, it's not bad. Of course, Sprint's 54% ownership of Clearwire provides preferrential access to a gigantic source of spectrum that comprises fully 23% of all the spectrum in the US that's licensed for telephony/internet...

    ... and Clearwire's spectrum is in the bands being widely adopted world-wide for 4G data transmissions... spectrum that's virtually all "dry powder" (eg: barely being used as of yet).

    In spite of Sprint's big issues, an acquirer with the cash necessary for network vision could combine that with Clearwire's valuable assets and Sprint's 50 million existing subs and truly have the tools necessary to leap-frog Verizon performance-wise.


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