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  • casesuzz casesuzz Nov 10, 2011 5:29 PM Flag

    LightSquared gets killed again on Capital Hill

    NAWG and other farm groups told congressional leaders this week that LightSquared’s planned use of the electromagnetic spectrum for a new wireless broadband system would disrupt GPS systems even if filters are created to lessen interference.

    The message was delivered at more than a dozen meetings between agriculture group staff and Members of Congress and their staffs as part of a Hill push on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Anyone think Dan Hesse is walking around Sprint's headquarters now, saying what a wonderful future Sprint has with Lightsquared. (HA).

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    • LightSquared contract with Sprint become null and void by December, if the FCC has not approved Lightsquared for operation. So in thirty days Sprint pipe dream of receiving two billion dollars a year for twelve years from LS goes up in smoke.

      Another fine mess Hesse has gotten Sprint into.

    • Guess you are also posting on Clearwire board. So Hesse wants to spend ten billion on Vision Network (Sprint LTE), even though he/Sprint will never have enough spectrum to compete with VZ and ATT. Well guess what. Hesse sure ain't going to get any help from LightSquared after the company goes bankrupt early next year.

      NAWG and other groups have called for continued testing to find a fix to these technical issues before the FCC removes the conditional waiver for LightSquared. NAWG and ag groups have also repeatedly said that LightSquared should bear any cost associated with modifying existing GPS systems to work with its new broadband system

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      • Been watching this situation deteriorate steadily since, "Workaround #1" - June, 2011. "#1" was, "use a different band than originally planned." Nope...
        LightSquared/Harbinger/Falcone (all one person really) came to the table with $3 billion. I suspect that any minute they/it/he will realize they're/it's/he's fighting a losing battle and to avoid dropping the remainder of their/its/his coin on attorney's fees, they/it/he will simply tuck tail between legs and fade into the chilly backdrop of Reston, VA by night...
        LightSquared - NOW as insubstantial as a ghost!

    • Hesse CLWR is ready for the "I am sorry" comment again.

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      • ... I-Phone will be once we get 2 years into Dan Hesse's 4-year commitment to Apple.

        Even though I-phone sales could cut into device sales that use Clearwire's network, I hope I-phone succeeds for sprint because a healthy sprint is part and parcel to a healthy sprint/clearwire wireless solution team.

        But it was barely 20 months ago that Blackberry was doing well and look at 'em now... HTC has been a yo-yo as well...

        ... one, bad showing with I-phone by apple and Sprint's going to seriously get hammered with that commitment.

        They need to replace Hesse... there are a lot of good, solid executives out there who I believe could make good strategic decisions at Sprint. It would be worth whatever severance they would have to pay the guy.


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