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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 11, 2011 12:46 PM Flag

    Re: Clearwire's Poor 2.5ghz Penetration Ability

    Some other posts on this board are whacking away a at Clearwire's spectrum as many have done over the years. The issue: That the 2.5ghz spectrum that Clearwire has tons and tons of has poor "propagation" characteristics...

    ... which above all else, means that being a higher frequency makes it less able to penetrate walls, trees and other objects than lower frequencies can.

    Of course, all of this matters because Clearwire's network is the one sprint uses for 4G and it remains the fastest growing 4G network in America... outstipping Verizon's net-new adds by 1.9 million vs 1.3 million in the 3rd quarter.

    To compensate for that, the building of Clearwire's 133 million POPs network has been built densely, and with the use of new technologies to compensate for the spectrum's propagation issue. The use of Airwalk's femtocells has been one aspect of how they've done it:

    Of course, this solution was more expensive per square mile than Verizon's more scattered infrastructure but what's important is that it's a more expensive solution that is: 1) already paid for and installed and; 2) 2010-vintage, state-of-the-art infrastructure... it's ALREADY up to sprint's "network vision" quality levels.

    The falacy of the 2.5ghz-propagation-basher's arguments is that once the network density solution compensates for the propagation issue, that density greatly enhances the network's capacity... simply by virtue of the fact that there are many more cell sites per square mile and each site serves fewer POPs.

    Clearwire's network is concentrated in metropolitian areas where capacity for most carriers is fast becomming an issue with existing infrastructure. Whereas Clearwire's dense network and ocean-liner full of spectrum makes their infrastructure capable of handling years and years of future volume increases, other carriers are having to spend a lot to continually increase their capacity in the metro zones...

    ... in fact, MetroPCS's recent inquiry into Clearwire's network had everything to do with PCS running out of capacity in high-use areas... wholesaling via clearwire may just allow PCS to meet that demand without expensive expansions to their current network.

    Further, in China and India, 2.5 ghz is the standard frequency for data:

    ... and everybody knows that the protocol being adopted by China Mobile, Clearwire, and practically every other far-east carrier is LTE-Advanced running TDD... and it's very, very fast:

    Like Clearwire's metro-area launches, India and China are very densely populated so building the cell infrastructure necessary for 2.5ghz propagation is a must-do ANYWAY just to handle the capacity demands.

    So here we are in the Fall of 2011 with Clearwire's infrastructure built and only in need of a realatively small, $600 million infusion to launch TDD-LTE in similar fashion to Ericsson's test net (see link above)...

    ... all that's needed is an agreement from sprint and sprint can take all their OWN infrastructure that overlaps with Clearwire's... and move it's network vision upgrade to the BOTTOM of the list and do those towers AFTER I-phone becomes profitable... and probably running with TDD radios on Clearwire's network at 10 times the speed of a comparable Verizon subscription.


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    • I have Clear Internet!! I can say that CLEAR INTERNET IS THE FASTEST INTERNET AVAILIBLE!!!! FACT, SPRINT is in Perfect position to continue upward, those bashing CLEAR obviously do not have their services and have no idea the quality of service they offer, Sprint is assocciated with best in the business!!!!!FACT,

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      • Clearwire had 35,000 retail net adds last quarter on a customer base of 133 million pops with a churn that rose to 4.3% Some customers may be happy but overall the Clearwire retail debacle is viewed as a dismal failure imo. 1.3 million retail customer from a base of 133 million. Clearwire started with 0.5 million retail customers before the 133 million pops build out even started. Clearwires original goal was mid level single digit penetration of retail customers 18 months after a market opens.

    • we'll see if S wants to be a winner or just die a slow painful death.

    • [ AFTER I-phone becomes profitable... ]

      Thats the problem...thats in very late 2014 or 2015..the good news is Apple is having problems..still..after the "fix" for the battery update.

    • Sprint could fund Clearwire's TDD LTE effort after its own FDD-LTE network starts to fill up. The 3G network needs beefing up and support nationwide PTT to wean the iDEN users off their network and onto CDMA advanced. I believe the Network Vision project was speeded up to better accommodate growth from IPhone on a nationwide basis.

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      • @yaco_paco

        If you went by your strategy, Clearwire will not be around by the time Sprint starts filling up its own FDD-LTE network. Clearwire has about a year left in cash for operations so Clearwire does not have much time to sit around and wait. Sprint needs to have Clearwire begin LTE build out concurrently with Sprint so that by 2013, Sprint can begin to use Clearwire's LTE. Not only that but when other potential customers hear that Sprint is all in on Clearwire, customers will be drawn in to try to form partnerships knowing that Sprint has its back.

        Big news for Clearwire would be if Lightsquared can not get FCC approval. All those deals that Lightsquared signed will be flocking to Clearwire to supplement its LTE network. The biggest thing Sprint can do right to preserve Clearwire and it own customers with promises of faster speeds is to fund Clearwire whether partially or fully.

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