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  • antstod antstod Dec 23, 2011 4:01 PM Flag


    Since I know you wanted SO badly for someone to make a thread about you here goes (Merry Xmas)

    I just wanted to know...

    Spamming nonsense will never give you a name here. I know you want the priveledge of knowing you matter, but you don't. At least JUG's tries to post factual information.

    You just spew a bunch of nonsense. You can't 'PUMP' Sprint Stock... There's wayyyy too much out there for ANY of us to come close to mattering here.

    I have to ask seriously: Why do you waste so much of your life here? I mean there are so many other things you can enjoy during your lifetime than doing this. You are here ALL DAY, EVERYDAY and for what? nothing really when its all said and done.

    Happy Holidays man, give it a rest...

    Just remember one thing: You do not matter, to anyone. You SPAM nothing. You are bashing a $2.XX Stock-- everyone knows they arent AT&T/Verizon at this point, but their is def HUGE upside in the cell phone business. If you think otherwise you are just a mor0n. Cell phone bills = Car Payments...

    THEY LOSE 300MIL AND YOU THINK THAT MATTERS ON 33BIL REVENUE (AND GROWING)??? You THINK BK IS CLOSE??? You just show every SINGLE day how stupid you really are and I just truly do feel bad for your life.

    Bash a stock near the ALL-TIME low when they are finally getting things together... Smart... Like I said... You. DONT. MATTER. The only thing this is for you, is a place (in your lonely life) you can get some attention. Clearly you SPAM everyday for attention, did mommy and daddy forget about you???

    Lonely Holidays ahead for this guy, expect him to be posting the next 10 days straight. Wouldnt be surprised if you for new years eve he posted when the ball dropped because he has no one else.

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    • Gone, but not forgotten.
      New ID's..

    • Much Needed bump... This guy just doesn't stop, what a loser.

    • Dont make any threads about me until January 3rd though, I leave tomorrow for SoCal... Don't spend too much time here throughout the Holidays, bro... Ill see you when im back.

      • 1 Reply to antstod
      • On the NEW YORK part...I grew up in Providence..It's similar to every shhjithole burrough of New York...The only choice is which sucks the most...Manhattan is nice for tourist....I chose Charlotte for weather, money and attitude...Everyone has money because EVERYONE sold there 1600 sq foot POS house is the EAST fro 750K and bought a 5000 sq foot house and a Land Cruiser for $300K...Sucks having a free half a million in the bank just from relocating to a city mostly Yanks...I only travel to the NE for a funeral and if it's cold then screw them, send flowers...

        Please list the burroughs in order of filth...I put Bronx on top, just ahead of Long Island...

        How's that NY stress....

        As for money...Per population, Charlotte is #1 richest city in USA...Bank of America, BB&T and YES Wachovia money still in NC(Wells Fargo prefers the insurance and may move rest into NC)...

        As one person has once said, FOLLOW THE MONEY....I did just that, right to Charlotte....

        Being a Yankee, I have no problem calling you New Yorkers stupid...


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