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  • phennes591 phennes591 Jan 31, 2012 9:51 AM Flag

    "Captain Hesse, get back on board now!!"......

    That is actually very funny....and yes he is a clueless Captain!!!

    Haven't posted in a while but it sure looks like the disaster continues!!!

    Of interest is the comments from Radio Shack....I was talking to some old Sprint and Nextel friends and one of the points I brought up was post paid adds and how with Verizon on record for 1.2 million net post paid and AT@T with 717,000 post paid and even Metro PCS added 197,410 post paid that it did not leave much room for Sprint's post paid adds.

    I guess maybe people should listen to me a bit more when I talk about Sprint.

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    • Ha ha, oh phennes, ya done it again.

      Of course Radio Shack is bitter and
      used Sprint as their scapegoat during
      most recent ER.

      Sprint had moved kiosks into the center of
      malls where they once only sold
      through Radio Shack. This created a
      competitive relationship and Radio Shack
      is probably not very happy about it.

      Snatched up Radio Shack employees in the
      process to run these new retail kiosks.

      Forgive me, but no, I never listened to you
      and have no interest in doing so in the future.

      Goes for jugs too - You're brother from
      another mother....

    • Metro PCS is a prepaid carrier. The 194,000 net adds were prepaid. Sprint had 507,000 prepaid net adds for the same quarter.

    • People went nuts saying that selling to many IPHONE's would cost Sprint to much money. Now RS says they did not sell as many Iphones as they expected to. That sounds like an excuse from RS, I have a RS in my area., and I never see more than one or two customers in the place at any time, I am surprised they made any money at all in the last 10 years. RS's issue is not Sprint, they just need to close the doors and give it up. Most people do not buy their phones at RS, no one ever goes in the place!

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      • Don't worry. First Mate Phil Falcone will save the sinking Sprint ship by increaseing his yearly payment to Sprint from Two Billion a year to Three Billion a year.

        You see Falcone thinks he is the Fed and can print play money when ever he wants. Plus Falcone still thinks he can bribe the FCC and White House to stave off bankruptcy for another six months.

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