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  • poor.larry poor.larry Feb 6, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    Sprint's Stock Value Per Share.....

    Is currently $2.40 a share or close to this price...It's not $8, it's not $10 or $12...So stop with the moronic Book Value, Franchise Value or any other stupid comparison, ESPECIALLY the AT&T bid of $39B...

    All these prices and numbers are no secret to the trading public..This SAME TRADING PUBLIC has set the share value for every other stock with all variables included..There are no secrets...

    Sprint's Value is $2.40 a share PERIOD...If it's $2.50 next week then it's $2.50...If it's $5 in a month then it's $5...Right now it's $2.40...Do you douchebags follow this simple concept????

    Sprint = $2.40 a share times almost 3B shares..

    Some claim that the pieces are worth more than the market cap...That's an opinion..

    Don't factor in spectrum value because Sprint can't operate without it..None of it is expendable and none of it can be sold to pay bills...Sprint can't pay debt, Sprint goes BK regardless of spectrum...

    Business is about making money not how many customers you have..If Sprint had 20M customers and had a bottom line of a billion a year, the PPS would be $15 minimum...Why, because debt and default is not an issue..Sprint is selling $500 bikes for $200 to steal customers from the others...It's not working....


    Sprint's current value is $2.40 a share or close...


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    • Just substitute current price in title. Everything else still the same

    • I like the fact you posted. The Sprint PIMPS and PUMPERS hate you for it. I do not know about you but I know I will be laughing at them when Sprint goes to zero.

      If you buy this stock or are holding on to it you need finance schooling.

    • Jug:

      "..This SAME TRADING PUBLIC has set the share value for every other stock with all variables included..There are no secrets..."

      Of course you are correct. It is the public's change in value perception that causes a change in the stock price.

      The stock market is a peculiar place. There are any number of stocks trading below $3 that are technically insolvent (any semi stocks just as an example) It doesn't make any sense that they should trade at those prices, but they do...year in and year out.

      It seems to me that market valuation in these companies with low dollar price ranges is based on one primary factor: Can the company survive? Profitability is still important but seems to take 2nd place to survival.

      Sprint is sure to lose money this quarter and has a downside relative to the Iphone subsidy. But if subscribers are up they will live on. That's why the stock price is rising.



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      • Thanks for the response Merc...I have to drive a Land Cruiser now with the 2 car seats...I miss driving my Vette..Boo Hoo...

        On stock price...

        The actual number means nothing...Sprint's market cap is nearly $8B..This is a huge company with big value...People get confused and associate a $1 PPS as dinky failing company..Well if it had 100B shares it would be a $1 PPS company bigger than AT&T...People(not very savvy) seem to compare Sprint's PPS versus AT&T and VZ..This is moronic..First Verizon's wireless brand is not a stand alone stock, something mixed into two big companies...As far as AT&T goes, there stock includes the wireline division which is bigger than all others put together...

        Sprint is hiding behind it's "under $5" share price which comes with some protection for shorting..Don't expect Sprint to do a share exchange to up the price...


    • Poor jug,

      Getting a little nervous. It's ok. I hope you covered because you r going to loose your aszzzzz.

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      • Why would I be nervous??? I rode my portfolio on the CLWR/Sprint short train from $7.77/ $4.77 respectively...I have about 10% of shares left short and trade about 20% on these 2...My profit has been extracted already, a huge amount that I can't lose..Nervous is not part of the equation...You could say that I already won and am just being greedy.......

        Thanks Sprint/ CLWR pumptards, your stupidity and gullibility has made me a rich man...


        Sprint's current value is $2.40 a share or close to this price....


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