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  • llong54 Mar 7, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    Sprint Savings

    Well.. Apple certainly does want compatible 4G Advanced TDD LTE products and Gobi chips enable Apple to standardize their platform with products that leverage the 4G Advanced TDD LTE multi-standards compatibility features.

    (even if chosen to be not enabled by the network operator)

    Having to source/build unique models for each networks standard bias's has incurred costs to the bottom line that could be eliminated.

    Additionally the efficiencies of 4G Advanced TDD LTE products complement/enhance/speed up the Apple user media experience
    (key apple focus)

    Then there's all those 600 million ++++++ China Mobile subscribers.

    So, yes Apple does build phones for non-existent future markets.
    Indeed they have been known to create the market; Here they have no choice but to address 4G Advanced TDD LTE products proactively, least they lose out to the Android/Google.

    After all we're talking about a 600 million customer greenfield base opportunity for Apple in China Mobile alone.

    More importantly an Apple standardized platform core streamlines all of Apples manufacturing and operational costs while addressing the current and future cell phone high bandwidth video to mobile driver opportunities.

    Sprint will able be offer Unlimited plans and Advanced TDD LTE 4G via Clearwire to Apple users

    best L

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