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  • CameleonMan CameleonMan Apr 23, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    $3 + by Wednesday

    Guarantee!!! The most gain in subscribers numbers due to iphones and droid (reported already by Samsung that boosted their revenue for Q1 of 2012). Sprints not only added the most subs# ever, but stole customers from ATT and Verizon because of unlimited data plan which are not available by their competitors.

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    • All the moronic pumpers on the planet cannot stop this turkey from its decent to $1, anymore than Capt Smith could stop the Titanic from sinking.

    • I have to agree with you, but according to the share price there are many others with a different opinion, it makes me wonder why the price is headed lower instead of higher. You would have thought we would have seen some upside by now, this close to earnings. I will hang in there though until I see earnings on Wednesday. Why hasn't Sprint come out with some good P.R. confirming that they have done so well this quarter instead of watching the stock price plummet, sure seems to be a lot games being played with the stock price, get tired of guessing what is going on. Good Luck Camel.

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      • the price should have gone up today but the sentiment for the market was so bad that it dragged down sprints too. Also, you have to remember that 85% of the shares are owned by institutions; these guys are unlikely to do anything unless they see results. They don't make purchases based on guesses and speculations like the small guys do.

        How many times have you seen a stock going down before earnings, then the announcement suprised everyone. For instance, Apple, I have watched many years suprised everyone and sure enough, the price always dropped before earnings but catapaulted after announcement.

      • Are you an amateur?

        Price is going low because of manipulation of MMers.

        They bring this down from $3 to $2.35 on no news then will take it back above $3 once the news is out.

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