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  • zoomlik zoomlik Apr 25, 2012 5:09 PM Flag

    Anyone knows Annual saving once they shut

    Down 9600 sites due to idn network in q3

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    • Very gentlemanly of you.

      It happens to the best of us: old age and senility

      There is little doubt that NetworkVision is a winner.

      It's rather straightforward.

      But they need to roll it out asap.

    • My apologies.

      My glasses are ok, but my brain tends to get lazy as the day wears on.

    • First off I do support shutting down IDEN but personally I believe the cost savings they are trying to promote from shutting down IDEN are pure BS.....especially when you factor in removal of equipment and loss of customers that will not be transferring to Sprint's CDMA network.

      I've worked rather extensively on both CDMA and IDEN and other than saving on some electric and backhaul I do not see much in the line of savings.

      Savings of $10-$11 billion over 7 years from shutting down IDEN mean about as much to me as the talk we have been hearing about a Sprint turnaround for the last 5 years plus.....and counting.

    • ? The total estimated incremental cost of the Network Vision program over the deployment period is between $4 billion and $5 billion.

      ? Sprint estimates the total net financial benefit over a seven-year period will be between $10 billion and $11 billion.

      I hadn't realized all you needed was a new pair of reading glasses.

      Although after 72 years the brain can play tricks on you.

    • They did not give estimates. Financial estimates are numbers. If they had good estimates, they would give numbers.

    • >>I understand that the statements you quoted say basically nothing. I don't care if they are about LTE or shoe polish. It's just PR BS.

      The statements in question give estimates of cost savings and where they come from.

      They don't mean anything to you because you don't know the difference between LTE and shoe polish.

      And that is what I pointed out.

      For people who know something, they are either ballpark or appear stretched.

      As reviewed by peers, they appear as reasonable.

      So in your case where they don't ring any bell, why feel the constant need to announce to the world that you haven't a clue what people are talking about?

    • I understand that the statements you quoted say basically nothing. I don't care if they are about LTE or shoe polish. It's just PR BS.

    • No, what is dumb is you apparently don't even understand that LTE fundamentally increases spectrum efficiency - the bits will cost much less.

      In the link Sprint even illustrates power efficiency, showing the dramatic change in equipment bulk.

      Why does equipment bulk matter?

      For the same reason UNIVAC used a town's worth of electricity while a core i runs on battery, how every year the chip gets faster and more power efficient.

      Granted UNIVAC ran on vacuum tubes and not transistors but similarly what used to take a roomful of transistors now runs magnitudes faster on a tiny battery.

      The point is don't post on something you haven't a clue like you thought it would be clever to comment on everything.

      If you don't understand how NetworkVision saves money why not go post elsewhere on a drugstore stockboard or something?

    • What is dumb is you thinking that there is something worthwhile in those statements of nothing.

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