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  • zoomlik zoomlik Apr 25, 2012 10:44 PM Flag

    Anyone knows Annual saving once they shut

    thanks ... so, it sounds like little to none .. maybe they can free up space for 4G roll out?

    there must be something to i, or why bother doing it ...

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    • The iDen equipment and Network has a fairly sizeable support contract with Motrola doesn't it? Thats a savings.

      Redundant towers and stations that will be shutdown? Licensing and lease cost savings?

      Overall Sprint support and maitnenance cost to support the iDen? There are some savings there.

      Don't know the numbers to breakdown but that would equate to 1.5B a year in savings.

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      • Well again...I agree IDEN needs to be shut down...Having extensive experience on both IDEN and CDMA I just do not see the kind of cost savings that the company is trying to claim over 7 years.

        And if the they are so confident...break out the numbers.

        This is one of the problems with this management...They throw out the words Network Vision and talk about shutting down IDEN and that is supposed to take care of all of Sprint's problems....Both IDEN and Network Vision are far more complicated than a few buzz words.

        There will be some savings from Motorola but really at this point they are just not as involved as they once were.

        As for redundant towers many of the leases were for 25 years, they also often pay for the antenna lines which in Nextel's case was usually 12 lines, then you have many co location sites where the CDMA equipment was inside the Nextel shelters so basically you have a mess here between shared locations, equipment, leases and needs for removal and relocation of equipment.

        As for Sprint support, as I have said before when left in 2010 my time was often spent about 90% on CDMA and 10% on IDEN...Basically we just let IDEN sit out there running, chewing up electricity and printing money.....As long as you are not continually having to modify IDEN, you just do not need much of an effort to support it....It is very reliable.

        Also on top of that do not forget about the customers that won't be migrating to Sprint CDMA...but again I do agree that IDEN needs to be shut down...It is just far more complex than they are letting on in my opinion.....and again, break out the numbers...I am sure investors would surely like to see far more detail than one line bullet points in a press release.....Again just my opinion.

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