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  • snuffyisback snuffyisback Aug 21, 2012 12:37 AM Flag

    They Just Can't Deny It This Time

    Cat's out of the bag. The cover is blown. There's no denying it now...

    It's different this time. In the past there were legitimate concerns regarding Sprint's ability to survive. Maybe so, but now it is very difficult to make a case against Sprint.

    Superior Customer Service
    Taking Market Share
    Network Vision and the associated savings
    Apple derivative (pent up demand for iPhone5)
    Unlimited Plans (for less)
    Growing Business Customers
    Dropping Nextel (like a bad '66 Mustang transmission)
    Increased ARPU
    iPhone prepaid market

    ...add your favorites to the list...

    Last but not least - one can smell PROFITABILITY. There's no denying that once the bleeding of NEXTEL stops and the completion of the new network occurs, this cash cow will be gushing with dollars.

    Even the "slow ones" can see it now. Those that once lacked vision all of the sudden have 20/20 eyesight. It was once "in vogue" to slam Sprint. That's over. Look at all of the positive articles and upgrades. No one with any credibility would dare slam Sprint at this point in time. They would just look ridiculous (like our resident knuckleheads here on the MB).

    Hesse has pulled off a textbook turnaround. Yes, it is still in progress. But there ain't no denying it now.

    Sprint is on it's way to profitability and everyone knows it now and no one wants to "miss ships' movement" (to use a seafarer's phrase).

    Are you onboard?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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