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  • snuffyisback snuffyisback Aug 29, 2012 9:18 AM Flag

    Sprint 4G Expansion Continues

    HA! You just can't stand this, can you?

    What is the motivation for you to look like a perpetual LOSER?

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    • I enjoy warning readers about pumpers like YOU. Like your pumping a year ago ahead of Sprint's 60% plunge. Sprint will see low $3's again by EOY and you won't be around (AGAIN) when that happens. We know YOU'RE a phoney with numerous ID's (o_darn_o, snuffyhamm, pistol.pete78, mmorris, craterfacecradlemolester, ect...).

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 4 Replies to no_deal_clwr
      • If one were to say that Snuffy does a lot of pumping, like you are saying, it would not be very hard for people to ignore it. And it's not full of one reasoned argument after another using details in a tricky way. You however, are making a very concerted effort to twist just about anything you can, using a lot of facts with poor logic connecting them (red herrings), but still done rather well for some casual person who has not read enough about Sprint. Your logic always depends on how Sprint always behaved in the past or what they were doing way back when, but things do change. Anyway, Snuffy is not doing what you are. He is more correct than you about the whole picture, and he's more honest about his intent. However, I cannot honestly say that there is not a lot of stuff that sounds like pumping to me in there. lol

        Why don't you just stop living among criminals and decide that an honest life is good enough for you?

      • You are the only one with the multiple id's. I can read all those id's you listed for Snuffy and none of them sound like him. However, yours... those are another story. Some are faked, but very poorly, as you do your minion work for those large money institutions or individuals. Remember, "Behind every great fortune is a great crime." - Balzac
        See, and that kind of reminds you of a certain part of the anatomy that you are sorely missing.

      • Many of the people you say are pumping are indeed pumping but primarily because they are pretty neurotic somehow and they feel the need to make this one investment be the best investment. But they aren't pumping all the time, I don't think. And one reason they do it is because they are so sure of the whole picture. They really do think they found the mother of all investments. Hopefully they are smart enough to find a few other exciting things like that as time goes along and not just believe that their whole ability to become rich depends all on this fluke turnaround.

      • No_Brains, remember....if it's the truth - it's not "pumping".

        And yes, looks like I have been vindicated! When you and your fellow derelicts were espousing doom and gloom and bankruptcy, my prediction has been proven to be accurate. While you LOST out on a 110%+ gain, I sit comfortably with my portfolio at an all time high.

        No more time for losers today....

        Take your nonsense somewhere else.

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