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  • snuffyisback snuffyisback Oct 2, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    Another Wrinkle

    IBD is reporting that "even if the TMobile/PCS deal is approved, analyst are not ruling out a Sprint/TMobile deal down the road".

    I didn't say it - It's a quote.

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    • Possible as a merger, but not likely. TMob in not a good partner for Sprint. Although LTE is a great equalizer, you still have to remember that MPCS, like S is CDMA centric and TMob, unlike S, is GSM centric. It will take significant investment to make this merger profitable. Only T in North America could offer TMob any shot at an easy merger.

      On the other hand, CLWR is bigger than MPCS and S is bigger than TMob. S and CLWR should have no investments to make to get together, while TMob and MPCS will be difficult.

      I think that this is net great news for the industry and consumers, but it does indeed take a bit of wind out of Sprints sails. Don't let that concern you, Longs. Sprint has more forward momentum than even T and VZN, nevermind TMob and MPCS who are both struggling. If you think about it, this had to happen. The Germans aren't going to sit by while their investment craters. It's a good move on their part. Congratulate them and let's move on.

    • T-Mobile will go away right after Chrysler does. NOT! They have an agreement to use AT&T's network and the will convert PCS's spectrum over to their own platform in due time. There's NO WAY that a Sprint/T-Mobile deal gets done now. T-Mobile is here to stay. Bring on MORE T-Mobile chick ads. See her amazing eyes through the helmet visor on the tower commercial? OMG! I can't get that commercial out of my head. And at Sprint, you get commercials with a disgruntled family fighting over ONE phone plan. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha. T-Mobile Babe rules the air.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • M&A or not, S is a turn around company.

      covered short and went long S with a light position at 4.94

      hope the bleeding stops, and S to post superior 3rd Q outlook...

      What a roller coaster ride today

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'll rule it out right now....Neither Sprint or T Mobile will be able to buy the other anytime soon.....unless a company with much deeper pockets steps in to help....It is just basic math at this point. is going to take a company like Apple or Google to pull off a Sprint, T-Mobile deal.

    • Interesting thought - however the only way that could ever come to pass (and it's a stretch at that) is if TM adopts PCS architecture - otherwise it would be prohibitevly expensive

      Sentiment: Hold

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