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  • no_deal_softbank no_deal_softbank Nov 14, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    Kellimarie sold BIDU at $70 and wants you to buy at $101

    Selling at $700 prior to a 10:1 split is like selling at $70. You sold at $70 and want us to buy at $101? Nah...

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    • $700 is like $70 lol not when it goes into your account at $700 no-deal. dam your dumb no-dea,l is that why you have so many id's because you don't know who you are OR is it because everyone keeps putting your new & old id's on ignore & that's why you have so many. (huh)BACK ON IGNORE YOU GO NO-DEAL ALL 200 +I'DS OF YOU. YOU NEED HELP IN A BAD WAY NO-DEAL. REAL BADDDDDDD NO-DEAL DAIL (1-800 GET-HELP)

    • BIDU alread down $10 to $91.

      Kellimarie, you stink!

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      • She's right, no_deal. You are sick, dude, and you are sickening people here. You contribute to a uniquely 21st century phenomenon of disinformation conversations. You don't care how you affect other people perhaps because you don't get enough oxygen on your ridiculous high horse. You don't even ever respond like a man here (after all this time has gone by and you have been shown to have become now an ineffective fraud of a human being who no longer affects Sprint now) and address what is said to you about your ID's. It is time your respond you phucken swamp lizard. Your damage has been done to people so you should be answering. What are you doing here and why do you continue?

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