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  • verticalthreellc verticalthreellc Mar 22, 2013 8:00 AM Flag

    I'm a tower climber building sprint

    This network is going to be number one! It kills AT&T and Verizon... Once it's finished this stock could really go much higher. Long at 6.06 and not selling for several years.

    Email me for photos of the infrastructure, nothing wrong with seeing what you own.


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    • I find it hard to believe a climber knows so much since they are there just to do the monkey works of connecting equipment to towers and sub bases below that can tell just how much faster anything will be since so much depends on it like traffic usage locations and back haul

    • I understand your excitement over your work verticalthreellc, but I see a storm coming with Sprint. It is like 2000 all over again. They're cheating customers left and right, customer service has gone down horribly and that didn't bode well for their reputation or their stock during that period. This board was lit up all about customer service as the stock went down, down, down.

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      • Individual customer service 'ratings' are not worth much at all. What is important are the rating surveys, professional survey service ratings, and, most important of all, subscriber net gains/losses and churn rate - because that is what hits the bottom line.

        'Good service' and how it compares to other operators has been and is a moving target: operators are continuously upgrading their networks, devices, network operating software platforms and services. This can occur from being a seamless event... an overnight or incremental base station software upgrade that provides improvements in bandwidth or quality of service. Or it can be a major overall or replacement of the network and conversion of subs from the old network... that type of event seldom happens without some users being subjected to painful service experiences.

        What is going on that might be expected to have an impact on Sprint's level of quality, disruption to users? "Lots" of stuff: uprooting of Nextel Netwrecks subs has been going on and reaching its final stage. Deployment of LTE is underway but lags far behind Verizon and AT&T at this time... with far fewer cities lit up and far fewer devices in the field. It will likely take Sprint-Softbank ~18 months to get through a rough patch of upgrades and bringing more devices into the market to gain saturation.. needed to result in improvement in performance imo.

        In the meantime, Sprint service quality relative to competitors is sucking hind tit.

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    • I will add the photos to my Photobucket tonight and link them back here by tomorrow morning.

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