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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Apr 30, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Apple, Google, Dish, Son and others

    It appears that the above are all interested in being the new big time wireless corps.... Any company today that is interested in becoming a new big time wireless company, it will cost them in excess of 100 billion dollars of start up money. They can become big time simply by taking over S even at a cost of 60+ billion dollars. Doing so will save them over 40 billion start up dollars. Buying S they get over half of CLWR that owns over 30 billion dollars of spectrum.
    I don't thinik the Son-S or S-Dish are close to being done deals. I think other biggies are looking a S now. It always seems that a prospective merger brings out other interested parties.

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    • I do believe big corps are starting to look at S and at the price and see that it is a real bargain, maybe even a steal. Just think what a wireless giant it would be if S, CLWR and Leap all fall under the same umbrella. I'm sure it is being looked at.

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      • I would think Google is looking very close as Apple already has dealing with Soft Bank in the Japan market so it be a good move to make for Google to take markets from Apple.
        Apple is a product maker with all three wireless companies pushing their products so with Google Cash they would have a wireless company of their own and all the Spectrum they need to grow with In the future and with lower prices faster lite it could really change the American market.

        In the back of my mind I can't help but think that is why Google dropped their CLWR shares so there would be no conflict of interest if they was to make the move. I say that cause Google did not have to sell at a lost with the cash they have just for a tax write off. who knows what will happen maybe Dish has already been talking of a major merger with others and why Dish made two higher bids for both companies and stated they would still buy Clear even if they bought Sprint.

        Well this is only my opinion so I 'll just sit back and ride it out

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