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  • carrollcountryman03 carrollcountryman03 Jun 7, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Sprint back to $3.00 and potentially BK without SB, DISH is the player now


    those that think DISH is in the hot seat are sadly mistaken. Sprint is crippled with debt and will pay SB 600 million dollars if the deal does not go through. WOW, where does Sprint get the cash?

    Then, DISH takes CLWR and withdraws its bid for Sprint and returns 30 days later with a 17.2 million dollar bid which shareholders will gladly take in lieu of a potential BK filing by Sprint.

    Hessee underestimated the power of the CLWR shareholder and it cost him the deal and probably his job. The guy is a #$%$ and deserves what he gets.If Hessee would have simply offered 5 dollars for CLWR, none of this fiasco would have happened.

    Sprint tanked and CLWR rallied, ask yourself why.

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    • Well, the one thing Sprint investors are not seeing the the big potential with DISH. If DISH buys Sprint, DISH comes with more spectrum into the marrage and a terrestrial 4G LTE network. What will this do...

      1.) provide subscribers with FREE worldwide roaming.
      2.) NO Throttling.
      3.) Super fast download speeds.

      Now, Sprint was smart to invest in CLWR. Why? because CLWR is putting in a TDD-LTE 4G network. So! This network hass been tested in China and Japan with download speeds of greater than 150+ mbps. This is faster than a cable connected from your wall to your computer.

      Which way is the market trend going? It's going Video! This is what a TDD-LTE is video downloads. Where as AT&T and Verizon's LTE network downloads at 28 mbps. So you see, CLWR's network, which is owned by more than 50% from Sprint, Will ave new customers crossing over once the consumer see how quick the network downloads.

      In fact, if it was me, I'd be marketing it as a 5G! So no, it will not go back to $3.00. In fact, it will probably be at $10 to $15 by Christmas! Why not, Both AT&T and Verizon stock is up in the $30 to $45 range with 28mbps download speed. Sprint will have...150+mbps...get it?

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      • I have used SoftBank's TD-LTE network in Japan. Yeah, it is pretty fast. But it is nowehere near as fast as my cable modem in the US. You will never get 150 Mbps on SoftBank's network unless they have an OC3 for backhaul, you are duct taped to a tower, and nobody else is using it. In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people in Japan. 本当になにも分からないな!

    • You are right about Sprint being financially weak but wrong on most of the rest.

      Sprint is not about to collapse if SB were to back away, which there is no indication to think will happen. The big news and comment boards have blown up the importance of the acquisition of Sprint acquiring the remaining ~30% of Clearwire it does not already own or is committed to get. Under existing contracts and ownership, Sprint and Softbank can continue along OK. What would happen if they do not acquire the rest of Clearwire? Business as usual but likely at an increased pace of deployments. Sprint is likely to get additional AWS spectrum to increase mobile capacity that is easier and cheaper to deploy than the 2.5-2.6GHz band and will offset a need to deploy more aggressively into 2.6 that might be undertaken if the acquisition went through. In any case, acq of 100% is not a show stopper by any means.

      DISH will not acquire Clearwire. Sprint must agree to that and won't. Stop smoking the funny weeds your neighbor grows.

      DISH wants to get in bed with Sprint... The more open-ended new offer to acquire Clearwire is leverage to get Sprint to let down their guard, (take off their clothes) and snuggle up under the covers.

      There is now a better than 50:50 chance DiSH will forge a deal with Sprint-Softbank that allows minority ownership and participation in building mutual networks. This could be from a simple ownership and spectrum access deal to a broad collaboration for network builds, media content partnering, and cross sales as involved or more so that the deal Verizon has done with the cable companies.

      The sky is not falling.. the earth is not being swallowed up by the BORG Empire, Sprint needs financial help but not so quickly as all that.

    • No doubt that Sprint could plunge with no takeover. Softbank can withdraw. There is a whole battle going on for Clearwire for it's spectrum. It's a lot cheaper for Ergen to buy enough of Clearwire to get what he wants. Son I believe has a limit to what he will spend. He most likely would not appreciate having Ergen involved. Could explain why Dish bid a dollar higher for Clearwire than Sprint's latest bid. Ergen can befriend Crest and others to maximize Clearwire's value. Under that scenario he can both purchase spectrum from Clearwire and put the squeeze on desperate for cash Sprint to use the parts of Sprint's wireless network that Sprint owns. Under that scenario Ergen can bid even higher for part of Clearwire. In the process Dish will avoid spending many billions and still get what he wants.

    • Pssssssssst your a fool you ever talk other then B.S.

      Sprint will have no problem with the 8billion Son gave for Stock shares to pay back and depending why the deal did not go tru they may not even have to pay a break up Fee.

      Do you really trade stock or B.S.

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