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  • relevance2code relevance2code Jul 15, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    Netgear's new hotspot will work on Clearwire's 2.5 TD-LTE network

    The PR's don't specifically state this, but it is implied and previous articles indicate this will be the case. Can anyone confirm this?

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    • So? Hotspots are fanning out of a connection, a useful but not distinct market determinant. "Wowie zowie baby... I am going to drop my Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile service because I can get a cool Netgear/Dlink/whatever 2.5GHz hotspot!" I don't think that many people will take advantage of hotspot service except as part of their overall service... some icing on the cake when the TD-LTE is built out and the service is offered at competitive/low rates for 'unlimitted service'. In the meantime, what drives subscribers are the hottest SmartpHones from Samsung, Apple, HTC and others combined with broad 3G-4G coverage using other bands.

      You may as well group the hotspot devices, third party market and network developers including FreedomPop and Earthlink, plus the MVNOs and figure our their impact as groups and new service tiers/categories. First figure out what the impact of HotSpots on the overall market is... do you have a clue? Then what does none supplier's product do to change the inflection point, ie. to drive Sprint-SB sales substantially? If it boils down to a 4% of a 5% of overall market improvement (0.2% overall) type of story, which this is likely to be, then why follow it .. or why not follow it on the suppliers board?

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      • TR - hotspots are great for real estate agents and construction teams who change locations often. ELNK already has a deal with ReMax. There are a bunch of other business users who want to use mobile cloud. The combination of the ELNK secure data centers/cloud software and now mobile access means that they can compete with monopoly-like cable companies. That means growth for ELNK and S.

        The CLWR 2.7 spectrum gives those businesses near the 2000 towers CLWR has converted to LTE-A the potential to access the internet at speeds that are faster than many cable options.

        I agree that this development is a drop in the bucket for S and NetGear. However, it is a big deal to ELNK. Do a search on CashForRegisters, you will find that the iPad is being used to replace old style POS devices. This is the natural movement of technology from fad based consumer use to practical and efficient and profitable business use. Devices are moving in the direction of a commodity. Businesses with content or cloud services are the next evolution. IMHO

      • Why are you such a jackass? I was just curious if the device supports TD-LTE or not. Apparently you can't answer that question so maybe someone else can? If it does support TD-LTE then it is a good indication that Clearwire/Sprint will be launching their TD-LTE network soon. It may not have any great impact on the stock, but it is a point of interest after following Clearwire's efforts for so long. Mr. Son also indicated 2.5 TD-LTE was a big part of his plans. So why should such discussion be pushed to a supplier's board?

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