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  • superfitpt superfitpt Aug 19, 2013 7:09 PM Flag

    TIMBER? SHORTS ARE IN CONTROL? Are you sure about that?

    A whole 2 pennies down on a red day for the dow and this Is this the best you've got?
    The down's been down HOW MANY weeks in a row now?
    Sprint still chuggin' along!

    In the words of a few of my favorite movie icons "Moving right along foot loose and fancy free"
    : )

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Markets in green yet S is in sleep mode ????

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • All it's going to take is one positive news report and BAM! We rocket higher......Son is taking more and more shares off the market, you can really see it in the volume. Once positive news comes, Shorts and new Longs will be tripping over themselves to hit the BUY button. Theyll be trying to scrape up the limited remaining shares available...this is going to be great!

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      • JohnnyDetroit aka greekmoron loves to harp on the amount of shares available... this is just one example of old greek's lack of knowkedge on how a market works.. he thinks EVERY share is held by sonwone who is waiting to $20 to sell.. As always SUPPLY and DEMAND set the PPS.. Right now Sprint is worth $6.91 per share...this means if more people want to buy than sell at any given moment then price will adjust to make all transactions...This is a BETA stock stock which means a daytraders dream....NOBODY is in it for the long haul except a few tard on this board.....

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