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  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 20, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Softbank buys


    Softbank outpaced DoCoMo in operating profit last quarter, benefited from the acquisition of Gungho Online Entertainment (a game developer), owns 36% of Alibaba, et. al, and owns now almost 80% of the most undervalued mobile asset in the U.S......Son is dealing from a position of great strength.....

    Recently when SB spent about $187 Million to buy about 28 Million shares of Sprint, not only did those shares go up in value, so too did the value of the approximate 3 Billion shares SB already holds, by give or take about a dollar a share, so that's about a $3 Billion increase in value. So, spend $187 Million, get $3 Billion additional value on the SB balance sheet. Is there any reason Son would not do more of that? Son has apparently answered that, in the form of more buys, recently at $7.05......

    And make no mistake, those stock value gains are real money, those gains will show up on the SB balance sheet, at some point to be recognized in the SB share price, that translates to an increase in the value of Son's SB holdings, the value of his stock options and the stock options of employees, the strength of the balance sheet reads through to many also makes the 80% simply worth more as a currency for...perhaps an acquisition or merger......

    I suspect Son will continue to accumulate, anyone want to propose a sensible argument as to why he would not?

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    • Agoraki ase tis malakies. Tha etan malakas ean den ekane tipota. Me liga logia mou les oti plerose 7.xx mono meta apo mia vdomada na to de sta $ 5.60. Asfalos kai tha sinexise na agorazi. Ean den etan gia tis agores 4.xx simera tha etan pragratikotita. 20+ ena seguro mesa se 1 me 2 xponakia.

    • The stock is trading at levels which greatly discount the strength of Sprint's core business. The company is one of the cheapest stocks available, and in the long run, it is poised for success.

    • LOL! It own almost 80% of the best money loser in the US mobile industry. Sprint is the best asset Softbank has: its better than Alibaba which has been growing at 47% rate this year and does about $160 billion in business of which SB owns about 1/3 (funky Chinese CEO and ownership issues involved).

      Sprint is perhaps among the roughest diamonds of mobile operators around the world... about ten years of casting about looking for a way to grow profitably... and once Nextel Netwrecks and Clearwire investments turned sour, turning to Hesse under a mandate to turn the ship around before it became a beached whale. Its been about four years of gut wrenching attempts to patch losses, fix networks, fix customer service, gain Apple and other efforts to compete within the same field the entire world industry has headed to lead up to it still not being enough to prevent the need for bailing out for less money than Sprint spent on Nextel, not counting inflation or 'opportunity costs'.

      Things do look better.. better than the death Sprint was inevitably heading toward. .. or close enough so that they would have been acquired for chump change down the road. Now Softbank will be able to up the ante to head in a direction to innovate, optimize networks instead of just patching things up in a race that had left Sprint in a perpetual state of disarray. Without SB, Hesse had led Sprint to a window of competitiveness where it would have been likely VZ and AT&T and, now T-Mobile to have continued to stretch out ahead because S would be just treading water. So now there is a management focus and resources to diligently pursue a mostly long term set of goals to get and stay competitive and, in at least a few markets, probably eek out a market advantage. Its likely imo, but still far from assured, that Sprint will be able to grow share a bit... the crux of it will be to grow fatter margins and net profits. (may have to look that word up to find its meaning).

    • If Mr Son is confident in his new business venture ( confidence=insider buying) named the Sprint corp. that's good enough for this investor..he's walking the walk....min 20% by 7-15-14..

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