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  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 25, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Sprint - how to differentiate from and sink T and VZ


    Sprint has more Spectrum than AT&T and VZ combined. What is under-appreciated is the huge marketing potential this provides Sprint......VZ and T simply cannot add significant data usage to their networks, can't do it. Sprint can.

    This of course is why Sprint can offer unlimited data for life and why T and VZ have constrictive (and expensive) data caps. Such caps may work for now but as users want more and more fast 4G access to data, as more services and apps are available and highly desirable to users, the greater the sense of constraint in such data's a real problem all the way around.

    So, what I expect to see is Sprint offering value-added services that VZ and T simply cannot match. This might include any number of strategic partnerships that involve data-hungry services and apps. Note well that SB is an Internet Company, it would not surprise to see SB acquisitions that can be utilized both here and in Japan. Note that the new Silicon Valley office (opening in September) would certainly appear to be geared toward apps and services that create such value-added propositions.

    The trend toward data usage is already there, all Sprint has to do is go with it and use it to their advantage by offering services that users really want and which cannot be duplicated by VZ and T due to network constraints........It's that simple, and S will take significant share from both VZ and T.

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    • “The FCC identified in its National Broadband Plan the need for at least 500MHz of spectrum to be auctioned off over the next decade to keep up with demand for wireless data.”

      Most of these spectrum are currently occupied by broadcast TV and they are expected to be re-farmed very soon as the wireless demand rises. These 500 MHz of spectrum are considered prime real estate (beach front property) where Sprint WON’T be allowed to participate in an auction due to capping rules because Sprint already occupies large swath of 2600 MHz [though many consider the 2600 MHz worth (less) due to large capital spending required for build-outs, inconsistency, and signal loses].

      Besides, most wireless traffic and revenues are generated from large urban markets where almost all carriers have opted to use WiFi (in abundance at 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz) to do their offloads.

      I don’t see much of an advantage for Sprint and in fact more likely disadvantage for not being able to bid on the upcoming large swath of 500 MHz due to capping rules.

    • PPS for S will be $25 as the matter time. Since S has lowest debts than T and VZ and it has more Spectrum than ever before. IMHO

    • As usual, greekdorky leaves out key detsils... Heres a fact Vz and T Make money and gain customers quarterly because there network(s) are much better and they are smart enough NOT to have unlimited... the reason Sprint does is because it is their effort, although hugely failing, to gain market share from the others.. Greek also left out all tge grandfathered in unlimited customers... On the spectrum front, Sprint has all the garbage 2.5ghz spectrum that amounts to nearly nothing... Phones and technology are so fast now and getting faster, the transfers take 1/10 the time and networks are less clogged now than 4 years ago.. Sprints LTE allows me to download over 25.0 Ghz/s any time of day and Upload north of 10.0... with giant proccessor on Samsung g4 and that bulk data passage, I downloaded all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in 33 minutes.. 4 years ago it was being done .750 at top end and hogged network 15 fold... So spectrum amount is being far outpaced by technology as I said would happen when your dumb Spectrum tgesis debuted...

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      • wow, you sound as stupid and out of touch as team rep. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it is my understanding that 2.5 is best for data and video streaming and that is where the sexiness lies. Also, China mobile is contemplating 2.5 and Google and some of the other tv visionaries are testing 2.5 and sprint and SB are using 2.5 and wanted the clwr spectrum. Heck, sb based their entire network on 2.5. Garbage, that is what tr said when he was also saying clwr would go bk and that we should take 2.97. How much would it have cost you to download the video you did vs T and VZ. Reason why a lot of people, including myself prefer clwr and now S. You've made the point that Greek is totally right.

    • Spectrum adds from DISH from purchase or partnership. Government spectrum auctions. Supplemental free WiFi hotspots. All options for AT&T & VZ to keep their customers from switching to Sprint.

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      • Just read my above posts. Bottom line is that s is able to offer unlimited data because of its spectrum and that is a major selling point as Greek indicated.

      • The only auctions I know of in the future are the 600Mhz, H-block/AWS-2, AWS-3, and possible 3.5Ghz auction. Every analyst I have read has assumed that Sprint will be the sole winner of the H-Block, which would also give them 50Mhz of spectrum in most markets, which makes 20x20 on PCS possible with some refarming of spectrum.

        DOJ has already asked the FCC to limit the duopoly in the 600Mhz auction. This leads me to believe that ATT/Verizon may only come out with 10Mhz each. Sprint will probably use this auction to catch up to ATT/Verion's lower band spectrum holdings. I could see Sprint buying 20Mhz of spectrum in this auction. The only compeition they have is Tmobile and tier 3 carriers.

        AWS-3 auction is going to be ATT/Verizon's best chance to increase their holdings, however, it is only 50Mhz of spectrum and Tmobile is also going to try and increase their holdings, since they heavily rely on AWS and this will be the last AWS auction. ATT/Verizon will probably only get 15-20Mhz a piece of this auction with Tmobile grabbing the rest.

        Dish could be used, but a purchase by the duopoly would not be ideal, since they would likely be forced to divest spectrum, which makes the spectrum purchase pointless. Also, Manufactures may not be willing to support Dish's band, because of lack of scale. This is especially true for apple, who likes only manufacturing one device for all carriers.

    • Your basic premise has some merit but is misplaced, Saying that Sprint has an advantage because they have the most spectrum is like saying a landowner with the largest tract of raw real estate in western Wyoming is leading the pack of competitors who have more spectrum already deployed, more users, and more devices.

      You jump to this: "This of course is why Sprint can offer unlimited data for life and why T and VZ have constrictive (and expensive) data caps."

      Let's look at that ASSumption: Its based on Sprint's large amount of 2.6GHz spectrum, right? OK, if the unlimited data offer is based on that, then its obvious there has to be devices that use it and networks deployed for those devices. Devices? No TD-LTE mobile phones are in use on Sprint's network and no use of it for 'unlimited' service except via modems .. which is negligible. Deployments are being made and devices will become available starting this year, but it will take 12-24 months before many users have them.

      Why do VZW and ATT not offer unlimited? Largely because they are not forced to head down that path. The average usage of mobile broadband is now up around 1.5Gb per month.. lets push that up to 3Gb to account for future use: VZ and T have caps that are 2-4X higher than that average which satisfies 85% of users needs. Those who go over pay higher bills. VZ & T markets based mostly on device plurality and coverage. That has led to half the churn rate and gains in subs against Sprint.

      The trend to BB use is there, however, the challenge is to spend capital to build enough capacity and devices the market needs at the time its needed, not to claim having the most raw real estate is something its not.

      you are either lying or ignorant of basic facts.. get with it man.

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      • Pontificating, verbose condescending, pointless drivel as usual. Rather than repeating myself unlike you, just read my above post to your prior almost identical theme above. Your hopeless and require so many worse to prove it

      • Why don't VZW and AT&T offer unlimited service or otherwise stress bandwidth more? Answer is mostly because that would head down the path of 'commodity marketing'.. selling a common "big pipe" rather than differentiated services. Why does Sprint stress unlimited? Is it because they have the deepest and largest network already deployed? Look at what each operator has deployed and what analysts say about it: Verizon and AT&T have the largest and deepest coverage. However, capacity has to do with number of subscribers: VZ and AT&T must have more capacity because they each have roughly twice as many users to support.

        What good is all that raw 2.6GHz spectrum? It gives Sprint a wide open field to grow into over a period of several years. The large numbers of popular, name brand, devices will become available over the course of the next 18+ months to place 2.6GHz more on a par with the popular 2GHz bands. And Sprint will have ~68,000 base stations deployed using TD-LTE and starting into deploying what eventually may grow to become over one million small cells (based on similar density to SB's deployments in Japan). That capacity means that as long as subscribers are attracted to paying for high capacity, Sprint will be able to offer up as much as is made profitable. It does not mean that the network is in use now or can be deployed to the end-game density without being able to make money to pay for it and profits on top.

        "Wah, wah.. we don't want the truth.. we want ignorance so we can spin it as we want it to be!"

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