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  • st067753 st067753 Sep 6, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    For Sprint: the future all comes down to their Network

    If the Network strategy works, then an investment in Sprint today could really pay off in a few years.

    If the Network strategy doesn't work, then it's dead money.

    Today's article by CNBC regarding coverage and reliability at the Top 50 airports says a lot about Sprint's current network and their response was "no comment". Even T-Mobile responded in defense of their results that were slightly better.|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100991405|Verizon,+AT&T+top+US+airp

    So a quick poll to the board: Do you believe Sprint's Network Vision plan will work?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • also at LAX Sprints works just as well as VZ- so I don't believe that article (which I just read) is based on facts

    • I can tell you I was a former VZ customer and switched to S because my monthly went from $130 to $80-- In Beverly Hills and west LA - my S iphone 5.0 runs LTE and is faster than my VZ iphone 4S- I will concede that the service is not as good all the time- but where I live and work it is better and faster less expensive

    • Let's poll fellow board idiots to make good decisions on Sprint competitiveness.. Better yet, lets go to the local grade school playground.. they will be open minded and have little bias. "Johnny, what do you think about cellphone coverage metrics, when will Sprint achieve net gains in subscribers due to achieving coverage and quality on par or better than the leaders?"

      Johnny: "Billy hit me, I hate him!"

    • Verizon and AT&T can be expected to keep the coverage lead over Sprint for at least a couple years. Airport, traffic corridor and city building valley coverage hot spots/zones can be made competitive more readily than for wide area coverage where the lower frequency bands give VZ and T a decisive advantage util such future date that Sprint is able to deploy far beyond current ~68,000 cell site plans. At some point S's coverage will be 'good enough' when combined with high data rates and lower price plus creative marketing, new devices, etc. can work out to a net sum advantage that results in accumulation of marketshare gains (rather than the up one, down the other quarter noise). There are no quick remedies: its going to take the billions spent very wirelessly wise to up Sprint's overall score as each operator will be pushing for advantage in the network coverage and other aspects of the arms race.

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