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  • accugrowth accugrowth Sep 16, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    S iPhone Can Use Band 38 for TD-LTE

    There was an article released that indicated that the new 5s and 5c iPhones do not make use of the Clearwire 2.5 spectrum. That seemed odd to me. I found the following recent article that may provide some insight into how S can use the Clearwire spectrum in crowded urban areas while the expansion of 2.5 is rolled out to the other 34,000 S towers. The article also has a list of cities where 2.5 is available.

    Band 34 is a TD-LTE option on the new iphones.

    "Sprint also has another unusual benefit to its LTE TDD network deployment. In areas where Sprint’s LTE TDD network has usable channels in the middle of the 2.5GHz band, it can also use a little-known feature called “multiple frequency band indicator” to allow LTE TDD devices that use LTE band 38 (an alternate subset 2.5GHz TDD band class designed to permit both LTE FDD and LTE TDD operations on 2.5GHz) onto its network. LTE band 38 is used in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and soon Canada. The device ecosystem is expected to be quite large"

    I have an educated guess that Appl will soon announce a 'dumb' iPad that will use the cloud for processing and the device for receiving and displaying the results only. It should be much lighter, longer battery life, and very cheap. Put a finger print scanner and a wireless keyboard on it and it becomes a replacement for a business desktop. If the device is lost, there is no data stored on it -- a plus for security. It can also be tethered to the iPhone or home or business WyFy to reduce the need for duplicate contracts with mobile service provides.

    To be determined.

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