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  • opele1 opele1 Jan 3, 2014 1:52 PM Flag

    cramer last night really showed his #$%$

    first he advises you to basically buy every dow component..assuring each stock a 15% gain..then he says he like sprint in the 8's? which is a 20% discount to the current price...the man is a loon who lived in his car and drank to much...

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    • I really consider Cramer an entertainer more than an analyst. That said he was right that S was a buy at 8 and 9, and a sell at 11, SHORT TERM. Long term, it's still a buy.

    • what a crock of Sh_t. Cramer is a churner as is motley fool. Consider them only contrarians to move the market short term so that their interests can get a better deal on the very companies they review. With AT&T
      trying to buy or dilute T-Mobile makes me think that ATT Is concerned and doing whatever they can to make a T-Mobile / Sprint deal appear to be less significant.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • liking it in the 8's is more than likely the price point they want to get in at..due to a small amount of investor shares this can only happen if shares are sold as evidenced by the stream of bashers (probably paid) we now have on this board that not a while ago was basically dead

    • And has a lot more money and prestige than you or I will ever have. Cramer is very knowledgeable about a lot more stocks than you or I can ever dream about. Sure he is a loon and if you believe everything he touts you on so are you. What he does well is expose individuals to a variety of stocks, many of which you or I never heard of and you can pick the ones that interest you and do your own DD. If you act like a lemming and just follow,l you deserve what you get. But despite his anticts, he has exposed me and others to new stocks and some of which may be worth buying. He will be right some times and dead wrong other times. And yes, like so many here and in the advisory realm, he will be biased and self serving. Whats what DD is for. But to blame Cramer for your long term successes or failures is disingenuous.

      Re the sprint pps, everyone knows it went up way too fast. Has a lot of potential but much of it will take a couple of quarters to realize. Sprint pps is in an uptrend and will be higher 4th q earnings report than 3q and I'm happy with that. All this day to day hadwringing is for BB and others of his ilk that are needy but overall its moot. In fact, this is a buying opportunity.

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      • Jim Cramer discusses a lot of stocks and cannot be right about every call he makes. Cramer is an entertainer with stock market knowledge and experience. As you stated one still has to do their own DD. You are correct. We are all responsible for our own investment decisions. I think Cramer is hilarious and if something he mentions interests me I will investigate further. The true lesson to be learned from those who have made astute investment decisions is that they can be wrong sometimes. Stocks react to news, upgrades and downgrades and the totally unexpected. No one can consistently accurately predict these events ahead of time. When they can predict stock moves isn't the logic of the situation that they would load up first prior to their public announcements.

      • Last week when sprint was making its upside move CRAMER was BUY BUY BUY and loved sprint...the next week he is sell and buy at 8? The show is entertaining, but when he tells you every component in an index is going to have a good year but advises against indexing he is not only being disingenuous but also hurting ordinary investors.

    • Cramer has a out-perform rating for Enron..

    • electrowing Jan 3, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

      cramer bad.

    • oh yeah the only component he tells you not to buy is Walmart..but somehow indexing is not an option

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