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  • skyarp skyarp Jan 26, 1998 9:19 AM Flag

    This Posting Is Very Sincere News Of A D

    Would you please stop spamming the Yahoo Stock discussion groups with propaganda about your gun lock company? It has NOTHING to do with Sears or any of the other boards you've posted it on. Why don't you have Yahoo create a discussion group for LOCK and then post all your news there? That would only be appropriate, unlike your posting it everywhere else you can find.

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    • I thought it was LOCKX, not LOCK. Anyway, the news release on Sears this morning does have a lot to do w/Sears. First, it
      reveals the kind of great innovative stuff that Sears is willing to go out on a limb to offer. The Adhatters air freshener line is
      the greatest automotive product in a long, long time. What with the new Dreamcatcher, as well as cowboy hat, cowboy boot, the
      new 3-D cowboy boot (more 3-D versions soon?), the Angel, as well as several recent additions to their product line, this
      subsidiary of Coconino (3 other subsidiaries, too) is going to make CSMA lots of money. Lots of $ for Sears, too. If Sears is willing
      to take a chance on their product line, then maybe Sears investors should take a look at this gem of a stock. If not, I think
      your asses are going to be sore next year from kicking yourself so much!!! FWIW,,,,, Guit

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