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  • DGS279 DGS279 Jan 30, 1998 10:38 AM Flag


    i wish to express my extreme disatisfaction with the way i have been treated by ntb on sw freway in houston high
    dollar,pirelli, 60,000 mile tires wore to the cord after only 29,000 miles. Ntb aligned it and balanced and rotated them on a regular basis.
    When i asked for something to be done with them, i was told my warranty was voided because it was alignment wear. They also
    stripped 2 lugnuts on the same wheel before my family went on vacation and didn' say anything. We stopped in beaumont, tx after
    feeling a bad vibration.i explained that we were on atrip and my wife and family were in the car with 300 miles to travel yet. I was
    told i would have to wait 3 hours before they could look at it. I took it to an exxon station up the road, where they fixxed it.
    I will never set foot in another ntb as long as i live,and i will tell anybody that ask about my experience with them.

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    • You heard it here first, folks .

      Buy EXXON !

    • Although this is not the right forum for complaints I feel obligated to share a very positive NTB experience. I had 4 Dunlop
      D80 tires that wore prematurely 25,000 miles with a 35,000 mile warranty. They without question gave me a prorated adjustment on
      the current selling price of the new set after inspecting the tires. The difference was probably mine were worn evenly. Uneven
      wear i.e. scalloping etc. indicates a front end/ alignment issue. It doesn't take many miles to destroy tires when the front end
      is out of alignment. It can happen even between alignments. I have always purchased replacement tires for both our vehicles
      from NTB and have been very pleased. Admittedly the wait can sometime be longer than one would like.

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