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  • grallen98 grallen98 Feb 18, 1998 8:25 AM Flag

    you guys better bail on this stock,its p


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    • your time. Anyone who makes a statement like that doesn't deserve the attention. The more I think of it, the dummer it sounds. Anyway, it will eventually get above 65.

    • should have had my coffee black this morning..opening sentence SHOULD READ, "This must BE new math"!

    • This must new math...Jewlman version!. His post says "this dog would be in the forties if dow was trading in 7800 level". If
      that were the senerio and Sears was trading at 45 with the Dow at 7800 it closed yesterday around 55 with the Dow at 8376. If my
      math is correct that would be a 22.2% increase in the share price of Sears with a corresponding rise of 7.4%in the Dow; that's a
      300% greater appreciation in the stock versus the Dow! I'll take that performance of a Dow component anyday; that's hardly
      "rising and falling with the Dow".

    • but the dow is not trading in the 7800 level.

    • This co. is not going any where fast it rises and falls with the dow it does not have a mind of its own. this dog would still be in the forties if dow was trading in 7800 level. I say first quarter results had better be good or else the bottom will fall out. Crittenden had to sell the street on credit woes and eps not the old gray man artie martinez. Sales are not up to par so far this quarter, I will hold this dog a few more weeks till I see better pix of sales.

    • i think most of the people that buy sears are looking for a more stable stock than say the techies... i'm looking at holding for quite some time myself. i hate the panic and bail mentality. i did it once and am still kicking myself. check out samc today... j

    • My investment sentiments exactly! If I'm not mistaken Sears was in the installation business years ago and exited that market when it proved marginal profitable. I just hope we aren't presented with too many buying opportunities....dips. still in it for the long haul though.

    • I think Sears is moving in the right direction for long term growth. They have started OSH ;have been acquiring home repair
      companies; exterminator companies; and now have opened a new prototype one stop home furnishing,decorating,improvement center in Denver
      this week with upscale branded products that sounds great. This will eventually drive out the small independent home
      improvement/service/repair operators; like the large drug chains replaced the small neighborhood pharmacy; and will make Sears a great company and
      continue the success of their "softer side" movement.

      Buy on dips and hold on for long term gains

    • I still have CNBC on all day, but have learned to be careful with a lot of the segments. Sometimes they think they are tabloid journalists, and sometimes they assist touts. Still I learn a lot from the telecast.

    • I used to really enjoy watching CNBC. Then I began to notice a pattern to their reporting. Approaches negative
      sensationalism at times. If there is even a hint of bad news in the economy, in an industry, in a company they play the heck out of it.
      Slow to correct and the correction never gets the same airtime as the original story. The best example I can think of is last
      September and October. They spent weeks trying to convince us that it was October 1987 all over again. I think a couple of their
      anchors were heartbroken when the market took two extra weeks to fall. Same thing with the asia situation. Listen to their
      questioning... always looking for a negative angle.

      I still watch because it is still a good source of information. But if they say the sky is falling I at least look outside before I get worried.

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